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In Focus: Lessons We Can Learn From Anton Asistio As A Student Athlete

In Focus: Lessons We Can Learn From Anton Asistio As A Student Athlete



By Bettina Francisco
Chalk Campus Correspondent

Student athletes may have experienced the idea of quitting the varsity team due to the amount of school requirements piling up in their agenda. Many students stay in their respective sports teams only until their second or third year because they get overwhelmed with factors such as sleep deprivation, lack of time, and the need for budding a social life.

If you are a part of the Ateneo Blue Eagles, quitting is never an option because it is one of the most hailed teams when it comes to collegiate basketball games in the country. It is a definite honor to become part of their dream team. One of their players, Anton Asistio, didn’t glide to a smooth path in becoming part of Ateneo’s main basketball team. Instead, he had to push himself in order to be part of that cluster. Successful with his mission, this shooting guard shares how he managed to survive being a student and athlete at the same time.

1. Don’t let your dreams stay as dreams.

Going on to pursue a masteral degree, Anton didn’t play for the Ateneo Blue Eagles basketball team during his whole college stay. There was an instance when he got cut from playing in the main team during his third year. That event made him think twice on stopping basketball, but his strong passion towards the sport pushed him to practice more and finally become part of the dream team. “I’ve been watching the Ateneo Blue Eagles since I was a kid, so it was always my dream to be part of that team,” he says. Anton was able to prove that he deserved that spot because they brought home the championship last year.

2. Always manage your time.

Being a student athlete is no joke because time can be difficult to manage especially when you’re tired. In Anton’s case, he does school requirements during his breaks and before basketball training. “I find it hard to do school work or study after practice. It’s more of just managing your time properly”, Anton states. When he is given a clear schedule, he tries to have fun with video games and going out of town just to have a break from his daily grind.


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3. Keep your head in the game.

Anton suggests to be focused and determined during a game saying “I tried to keep my emotions in check because I think it’s not good to play based on your emotions.” This is an agreeable tactic especially during an intense finals competition. It is certainly difficult to compete in a court where everyone is cheering for you with claps, all the while thinking about how your team and entire school are counting on you.

4. Encourage camaraderie with your team.

When working in a team, there must always be camaraderie. “Build relationships with people you work with, like your teammates and the coaches, try to know them on a business and a personal level,” the basketball player advised. We agree that this develops a healthy environment for the team especially when witnessing wins and losses.

5. Find your motivation.

Anton’s drive to perform well are his family and fans. He states, “Andyan sila palagi for me and I just don’t want to disappoint them.” Aside from his constant supporters, Anton concludes that having a determined mindset is the best defense, saying, “I focus on having a positive attitude because I believe that if you have a goal, you can achieve it if you work hard for it.”

Clearly, the motivation Anton has cultivated has helped him thoughout his college journey. He proves that there is always a way to balance priorities both as a student and as an athlete. Now off to the next chapter of his academic life, Anton will be continuing his studies in Ateneo to earn a Master's degree. And we're certain that he's well equipped for the bigger leagues.

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Photographed by Rxandy Capinpin
Assisted by Antonio Vazquez
Styling by Edrick Paz and Paris Delas Alas
Grooming by Jacky Pante




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