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In Focus: K-Pop Idols Who Embody Girl Power

In Focus: K-Pop Idols Who Embody Girl Power



As someone who has been a fan of K-pop for nine years, I saw how the themes of the popular songs evolved from about love to empowerment. Although, there are still idols who release songs that tackle romance, these days, most female idols would rather sing about girl power.

You don't have to be tough-looking to become a representation of women empowerment, ladies who embody girl power create the impact that they do because of their perseverance and overflowing confidence. Here, we listed the K-pop female idols who represent just what we're all aspiring to be!

1. CL
As 2NE1's leader and K-pop's very-own “Baddest Female”, there's no doubt that CL is every K-pop second generation fan's girl crush! Although, she debuted as a solo artist after her group 2NE1 disbanded, her fans would never forget how she took care of the group and only wanted what’s best for them. From the songs she composes to how she takes pride in women empowerment, CL is definitely a part of the squad of K-pop femmes that we all need!


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2. HyunA
The idol who made the sexy yet innocent concept popular in K-pop, HyunA has always been labeled as one of the most confident female idols. Without a doubt, her sexiness is her ultimate weapon. Although she had been criticized a lot because of her provocative image, HyunA doesn’t care about what other people think of her since she's just simply showing her strengths, and she's successful because of that!


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3. Suzy
Besides playing roles like badass journalist Hong Joo in While You Were Sleeping and futuristic aspiring singer Go Hye Mi in Dream High, Suzy is also a fierce idol who’s currently breaking the inequality barriers between male and female idols. Although, she has always been known as the industry's sweetheart, people saw how hardworking this girl is. And as an idol-slash-actress, she definitely deserves all the recognition she's getting now!

4. TWICE's Nayeon
As the oldest member of female group TWICE, Nayeon has been described as the sweet and playful unnie. Although she had been mistaken as the maknae most of the time, it didn't stop her from making sure that the group gets its well-deserved recognition and love. She embodies girl power because she remained strong and genuine towards everyone despite being underestimated multiple times before she officially debuted under TWICE.


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BLACKPINK's very own dancing machine Lisa has been slaying since their pre-debut days with her dance covers and random performances. Unlike the other female idols, Lisa isn't afraid to show her comical side like making funny faces and dancing playfully. This idol knows that confidence is the most powerful thing anyone can have and she definitely got it. Besides her sweet yet edgy style, Lisa has always been vocal about her own style shattering the stereotypes that every girl needs to dress in a certain way.


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6. Jessi
Jessi rose to fame when she joined the South Korean rap competition Unpretty Rapstar. Although she may not have won the contest, but Jessi definitely took her well-deserved recognition after. We can say that among all the female rappers, Jessi remains as the most refreshing one since she's not afraid to speak her mind and talk about sensitive topics in South Korea like plastic surgery. She got this unapologetic confidence that always sways everyone everywhere she goes!

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7. IU
Dubbed as K-pop's Pop Princess, IU started her music career at the age of 15 and worked her way up since then. She didn’t debut in a group which made it harder for her to stand out in a pool of talented idols. But every fan saw how she gave her everything, proving every agency who didn't believe in her wrong, and perfectly summing up what girl power truly means. 


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Breaking free from the barriers between K-pop male and female idols, these girls definitely know how to slay! They're unapologetically confident and focused on their goals. Keep on slaying, queens!

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