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In Focus: How To Handle Pressure When It's Coming From Your Family

In Focus: How To Handle Pressure When It's Coming From Your Family



Your family is your source of physical, emotional, and mental support. But sometimes, they're also the reason why you feel stressed out with your life. Let's face it: no matter how much you love your family, when it comes to their ideas with your life not matching with your plans, frustration and anger comes along.

Most families just want what is best for everyone and they only mean well when they push you into a certain direction. But this doesn't also mean that they're doing the right thing for you. And if you feel they're pressuring you to act or think in a way you're not comfortable with, we listed the things you could do to handle this without making the situation worse.

1. Calmly tell them the truth. 

Although there are things that could really help you deal with your family's pressure, there are times when it'd be better if you talk and lay everything out on the table. It would take a ton of courage, but telling them your truths as early as you can will do you all a favor. It might be scary to do this because there’s a possibility they won’t take it lightly, but you have to remember that it's better to let them know what you truly feel than continuously pursue something that makes you unhappy.

2. Find a middle ground.

Compromising doesn't mean giving up what you want to do completely and simply giving in to what they want you to become. When it comes to compromising, both parties would have to listen and understand each other's opinions. You have to keep in mind that our parents only want what's best for us but, sometimes, we don't meet eye to eye. That's why a good way to settle your conflict is finding a middle ground and arriving at a decision that everyone can be comfortable with.

3. Talk to a family member who understands you.

In most situations, there would be at least one or two family members who understand and try their best to help you. We know you thought it’s hopeless to find someone who understands you within your family, but believe us when we tell you that this is true! It might be because they also experienced the same or they just believe in you unconditionally. Whatever it is, we're sure that letting what you're feeling out is going to be more helpful than keeping it to yourself. Plus, they might be able to help you make the rest of your family where you're coming from. 

4. Remember that you don't always have to agree with them.

In our society, not following your family's orders seem like one of the most unforgivable things a person could do. But the truth is, taking control of someone else's life is even more toxic. Their opinions might matter, but it doesn't mean that you should allow them to make decisions for you. There would be things that you both have to agree to disagree on, and that doesn't make you any less of a nice person.

5. Learn to stand up for yourself.

When we were young, people made us believe that standing up to someone who's older than you is wrong. In some cases, it is true. But this is not something that should be done all the time especially if it involves judgment and pressure. For example, if a family member has told you that you won't be successful if you become an artist just because you come from a family of lawyers, then there's nothing wrong in explaining to them why they're wrong to think that way. Communicate assertively and show them just how passionate you are with living your life the way you want to, and that might just change their minds.

Whether it's about being compared to your siblings or fighting for your individuality, family pressure is something we all have experienced throughout our lives. It never feels good, and it's something that could continuously put us down if we let it. But remember that staying true to who you are regardless of others' opinion is still the way to go at the end of the day.

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