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The Six Fix: Six Filipino Games We All Remember From Our Childhood

The Six Fix: Six Filipino Games We All Remember From Our Childhood

By Daniel Baysa
Chalk Campus Correspondent

Games are a fun way to loosen up, either by competing with others or breaking the ice at parties. These days, online video games, mobile games on our phones or other traditional party games are how we pass the time with our friends. Back then however, during our childhoods we played games that required real social interactions and actually going outdoors. Here are six games that will surely bring up some fond memories of simpler times.

1. Agawang Base
Tag was a common game for us kids. Competitive as we were, found a way to make it even bigger. Agawang Base splits groups into teams of two, each with their own base. Players of each team would try to slip past the opposing defenders in hopes of tagging the base. If they failed however, they’d have to be rescued. Strategy and speed were the name of the game as each team worked their hardest to tag the base for victory.


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2. Tumbang Preso

This was probably where we learned another way to use our slippers. One player was chosen to be the taya in the middle of the group, standing beside a can.  The idea is to knock down a tin can by throwing a pamato (Which was, of course, almost always our slippers) but you leave yourself open to being tagged after the throw. If you knock down the can, the taya has to fix it before he can try and tag you. If you get tagged, you become the taya.

3. Holen

The game where you lost your marbles, except only literally and hopefully not figuratively. Holen has you and a pal set up a bunch of marbles inside a circle while flicking other marbles from outside at them. Knock your opponent’s out of the circle, and they’re yours. Knock out more of your opponent’s marbles, or the marble they flick inside, and you win. 


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4. Jackstones

Just hearing the name probably made you think of those tiny little stones with spokes sticking out of them. Bounce a little ball into the air and collect a stone, then catch the ball before it drops. Keep bouncing, collecting, and catching until there are no more stones, then start over. As you advance through the rounds, you’d have to collect two stones at once, then three, then on and on. If you drop the ball or don’t get enough stones, you’re out. The last one not out wins the game.


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5. Sipa

Sipa is classic game that’s as simple as they come. You take a washer weaved with threads or covered in cloth, or you can just take a ball. Whatever you use, just throw it in the air and, using only your feet and the parts to your knees, keep kicking and nudging it airborne. If it hits the ground or anywhere above your knees, you stop and count how many hits you did.


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6. Sungka

Our elderlies often played this game, and we always felt closer to them when they taught it to us and played together. Sungka is played in a special board with lots of small bahay holes and two big inay holes. Just take shells from any part and drop them one by one in the holes, moving clockwise or counter-clockwise. If the last piece drops in your inay, you get a bonus move. If you drop it in a bahay with shells, keep moving and dropping them. Switch turns if you drop it in an empty bahay. Keep going till there are no more shells in the bahay, with the winner having the most shells in their inay


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These games are parts of our culture that is being lost in modern times with the advent of modern technology and other activities. If you find yourself starved for something to do with your pals, instead of looking for something new, give these old games a try.

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