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Hot Stuff: What Does Your Shade Of Lipstick Say About You?

Hot Stuff: What Does Your Shade Of Lipstick Say About You?



We girls take great pride in how we look. From the dress we wear to the accessories we use to amp up our style and the lipstick we put on, these are not at all something you can call random! We put great thought into everything, and that's what makes us the delicate human beings that we are.

To further help you spice up your beauty look, Careline launched the new must-have on your beauty kit, the Creamy Matte Kiss Sticks that have the unique lip shades that would give you a vibrant color payoff, a beautiful matte finish and the confidence of a brilliant smile for hours!

Whether you’re feeling sweet or strong, bold or shy, explore all sides of your personality with Careline’s Creamy Matte Kiss Sticks. Perfect for teens who are experimenting with their looks, Careline Kiss Sticks are formulated to go on creamy, but set with a flawless matte finish. The Careline Kiss Sticks are also designed with a built-in sharpener so you can apply them like a pro! If you're curious about what your favorite shade of lipstick say about you, scroll through our article. 


When you go bold with a hot pink number, you’re telling the world you’re the type who knows how to have fun! This vibrant shade – which exudes a sense of mischievousness and playfulness - is perfect for bubbly souls who brim with energy.


Vibrant reds are not for the faint of heart. These shades are for the ladies who are bold and empowered, and who delight in being at the center of attention.


The shy girls usually head towards the nude lip as it creates a softer, understated look. Muted tones are a safe bet, but while subtle, they convey a sense of warmth and caring.


For a little edge and mystery, shades of purple definitely do the trick. Plum-colored lips indicate a confident sense of self, which is why this is the color of power and leadership.


For the bold, creative spirit, these unconventional shades show just how you’re willing to go out of your comfort zone and think outside of the box.

Feel free to express yourself with 12 amazing shades! With Careline, let your true colors shine!

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