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In Focus: 4 Reasons Why Checking Up on Our Friends Is A Must

In Focus: 4 Reasons Why Checking Up on Our Friends Is A Must



Being emotional and occasionally sad is one thing but constantly feeling down and sometimes hopeless is another. Although it doesn’t automatically translate into mental health issues, raising awareness about its possibility is necessary. It used to be a topic which only few talk about but thankfully, we’re making progress– more people are now starting to pay attention about it.

However, not everyone is capable of truly expressing how they feel and reaching out. Therefore, we should start looking out for each other and let our dear friends know that they can count on somebody A.K.A. us when times are rough. Here are some of the reasons why checking up on our friends from time to time is a must:

1. Talking to somebody helps.
Asking our friends with questions as simple as, "How have you been?" and "What’s new with you?" are some of the sure ways to strike a conversation with them, which may then lead them to opening up and sharing deeper thoughts and feelings. We all know that letting it out to someone is like exhaling a huge amount of thick and heavy air which is a reminder that talking to somebody is a great help.

2. Each one of us has our own struggles.
The world is not always going to be beautiful because that’s just the way life is and so, each human being has their own struggles in one way or another. This is why a constant check up on a friend is important–expressing our interest and care, regardless of the intensity of the problems, can do something good not only to our friends, but to ourselves as well.

3. Not everyone is confident enough to reach out.
With all that has been going on in people’s lives every single day, some of our friends may not have enough confidence to ask for others’ help. Although this is not always the case, taking the initiative to reach out is maybe what needs to be done. Yup, sometimes it’s the other way around or it can go both ways too.

4. What we see on the surface may just be a mask.
Since not everything we see on the surface actually reflects what’s underneath, some people who seem to be the strongest and happiest on the outside feel the exact opposite. Despite our friends looking perfectly fine and no hint of struggle can be seen on their faces, let’s continue to make our presence strongly felt and ensure they are really doing okay.

Helping our friends out with some of the load on their shoulders, even in our little ways, is something each of us should do because yes, our presence can certainly make a difference. Who knows–we might even become their heroes and save their lives.

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