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5 Nuggets of Wisdom to Succeed in Your Chosen Industry

5 Nuggets of Wisdom to Succeed in Your Chosen Industry

Different career paths might require different technical and specialized skills but these five things—universal and evergreen—are keys to make anyone succeed on their chosen path. Gerald Anderson of “Everyday, I Love You” shares what he thinks would lead you to achieving a great career. Do you have what it takes? Read on and find out.


“Just be honest.”

Lies are no fun because once you make one, then you’re forced to cover up for it, then the cycle never stops. Whatever it is that you wish to say, believe that there is a proper avenue and a proper manner for you to voice it out accordingly. It also certainly helps that you do it sooner than later as your thoughts might pile up and not come out the way you initially wanted to. Heeding to this advice shall also help you in maintaining workplace harmony.

Gerald says, “Just be honest and dapat madali ka ka-trabaho. Kasi even if na wala ‘don un talent, or wala ‘don un galling sa pag-sayaw, galling sa pag-kanta or sa pag-acting, pag masarap at masaya at magaan ka ka-trabaho, people will get you no matter what.”


“Do something to improve your craft. Every day.”

This goes without saying how hard work plays a crucial part in cultivating a successful career that which you can be proud of. You might not be as experienced or knowledgeable as the one seated beside you but if you work twice as hard or even more, then who could stop you at being a better you?

Sipagin mo lagi. Kung wala ‘don ‘yon talent, like siguro sa pinag-daanan ko nun nag-start ako sa showbiz, di naman pa ko magaling sumayaw, and lalong hindi ako magaling kumanta talaga, and acting was really hard for me, basta everyday do something to improve your craft. Every day. Kahit 30 mins a day or kung gaano mo ka-mahal ‘yon ginagawa mo. Do it all day kung kaya mo,” Gerald shares.


“Never settle.”

Have you ever heard the line “You’re only as good as your last work”? It might sound rude at first but there’s some truth behind that if you’re willing to see it. Sure, no one can strip you off your accolades but when it all comes down to it, people will remember you for how you evolved from one work to the other.

As per Gerald, “Never settle, never be comfortable or huwag un dahil narating mo ‘to or nagawa mo ‘to or na-achieve mo ‘to, maging lomportable ka. Kasi there’s always more, more than you can do.”


“…help others become successful.”

Climbing up the corporate ladder or simply making it out alive (figuratively, of course) is enough task on someone’s plate. But even when you’re thriving, if you can’t put in the time to help a colleague who needs it most, then what does that really say about you?

“You’re only successful when you start helping others. Kunwari in my case, there’s these friends na meron ako na I’d like to help also become actors kasi passion naman din nila. That’s when you truly are successful: when you can help others become successful,” Gerald reveals.


“If you are true to your craft, your craft will be true to you.”

It’s been said repeatedly that it might sound like an undying old tune already: love what you do. And by the love, it meant to put in the effort, loyalty, dedication, and passion required to make it work.

In closing, Gerald adds, “Mahalin mo lang un ginagawa mo. ‘Yon passion, mahalin mo lang kasi if you are true to your craft, your craft will be true to you. And ang dami mong makukuha ‘don, once napatunayan mo sa sarili mo and sa mga tao na kaya ko ‘to, napaka-fulfilling yan.” 




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