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Who’s That Charmer?: Scarlet Snow Just Learned The 10 Commandments—And, Apparently, A Lot More!

Who’s That Charmer?: Scarlet Snow Just Learned The 10 Commandments—And, Apparently, A Lot More!

Children are fast learners. It's amazing how much knowledge their little brains can absorb, and how quickly their skills develop from whatever they see or hear. Take Scarlet Snow, for example. Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo’s bundle of joy just turned three this year. But since being introduced to the world (the world wide web, especially), the social media darling showed just how well-rounded she is. Inquisitive, sensitive, playful, and even God-fearing, Scarlet sets a wonderful example for kids her age. Props to mom and dad too, for being so hands-on in raising such an angel!

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They say it’s best to start ‘em young. Maybe that’s why Vicki and Belo hired a language tutor to teach her Mandarin!

Speaking of language, just how cute is this video of her trying to sing our National Anthem? #PinoyPrideFeels

Remember that time Hayden took his daughter’s innocent question as a chance to go all Doctor Dad on her? We all LOLed with the world!

It won’t be surprising if Snowy Bear grows up to be one like her parents. But for all we know, she might end up a talented artist! 

Seriously, how many three-year-olds can recite all 10 Commandments? 

The fear of swinging from this playground structure is no match for this girl! Scarlet = 1, Monkey Bars = 0 

She knows her manners! Words like “Please” are much appreciated in a world where they’re easy to forget.

And when a simple “please” won’t do, she’ll turn up the charm and attempt to bargain her way into getting what she wants. Maybe not quite as well as her dad, but how can you not smile over her terms?

Did we miss any of your fave Scarlet Snow moments? Drop us a line in the comments section below!

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Banner Image from Scarlet Snow Belo's Official Instagram




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