Cheat Sheet: 8 Video Editing Apps That Will Bring Out Your Inner Vlogger On IGTV

Cheat Sheet: 8 Video Editing Apps That Will Bring Out Your Inner Vlogger On IGTV



by Joan Ko

Just when you think Facebook-owned app Instagram couldn't get any cooler, it releases its new feature called IGTV. This new video feature is a place for vertical, long form videos on Instagram, and it’s available in both the native Instagram app and the new standalone IGTV app (which both Android and iPhone users can now download.)

Instagram has already encouraged all of us to start capturing videos using only our phones (no fancy camera tricks for most) when it introduced Instagram Stories, so it just makes sense that anyone on Instagram can now create their own "channel" where followers can view videos longer than 60 seconds.

For most channels and users, a 10-minute video can be uploaded, while some larger accounts that have been verified can upload up to an hour-long video. The good news is that, according to Instagram, there will be no more time limit in the future. Yas, yas, yassss!  

And now that we're getting all excited while planning creative ways of using IGTV, we're already thinking ahead and banking our phones with the best vertical video editing apps that will make posting long-form videos even more fun! Here, we're giving you a cheat sheet on the must-download apps that will bring out the vlogger in you!

1. InShot

With this easy-to-use app, you can trim clips, add animated texts, stickers and filters and select a 9:16 canvas size perfect for your vertical video uploads! 


2. Carve 

Make your videos stand out with filters and color correction tools to get that eye-candy travel vlog effect!


3. Spark

Here's fuss-free way to combine motion graphics, audio recording, background music. and video or images into one continuous video file perfect for the 10-min maximum upload! 

4. Vue

Create and edit video montages and collages with adjustment features such as saturation and color balance  to suit your taste. Whether you're looking for a more artistic filter or a documentary type effect for your vertical videos, this creative app is perf!

5. Videoleap

Much like Kinemaster, this app allows you to remove the background or foreground from certain clips, changing it into a green screen background instead. 

6. Glitché

Here's what to use if you want to turn your images and videos into digital works of art, Even Kylie Jenner swears by using this app for its effects in her Stories! If you want to achieve that same effect in your vertical videos, you should definitely download this, o-kurrr? 

7. Videograde

It's a simple app for finetuning adjustments and making your videos rock in 4K resolution! 

8. 90's

If you're into film grain effect on videos that rgive off that good ol' 90s vibe, this is the app for you! You'll surely be the cool girl on IGTV!

Making content has never been this exciting and easy. BRB, off to start our vlogging career!

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