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In Focus: The Myths And Misconceptions Behind Body Odor

In Focus: The Myths And Misconceptions Behind Body Odor

When it comes to busting body odor, we can never let our guard down. Thankfully, body odor can easily be dealt with by following good hygiene like taking regular baths and using antiperspirants like the new Blackwater Deo Sprays. But what are the conditions that further aggravate body odor?

Here we break down some of myths and misconceptions behind the embarrassing body issue:

Myth #1: What you eat has no effect on body odor
Wrong. Highly pungent foods can leave more than just a case of bad breath. Strong scents can, indeed, permeate skin and trigger body odor. It’s been said that if you want to avoid BO, eat less red meat, garlic, onion, curry and other strong spices.

Myth #2: Only people with poor hygiene have body odor
There is a correlation between poor hygiene and body odor. However, not all cases of body odor is caused by poor hygiene. There are documented cases of people who suffer from bromhidrosis, which is an abnormal and extreme condition caused by a functional disturbance of the sweat-glands. But for most cases, body odor can be alleviated by following good hygiene.     

Myth #3: Sweat smells
While there is yet again a correlation between sweat and body odor, sweat, in itself, is not the culprit of BO. Actually, it’s the bacteria present on skin that causes body odor. As bacteria feeds on sweat, it releases a foul scent, which is a waste product.

Having body odor is undoubtedly a confidence killer, but thankfully it can easily be dealt with by practicing proper hygiene. To keep the bacteria at bay, take regular baths and use Blackwater Deo Spray, which not only protects you from odor-causing bacteria, it works to give you that fresh, energizing feel.

Blackwater Deo Spray – available in four new scents: Smooth Chaos, High Spirits, Dark Rebel and Dark Pleasure - is formulated with potent, active ingredients that fight odor-causing germs. With just a quick spray, you’ll be assured of all-day protection and freshness.

When it comes to body odor, don’t “baby’ the bacteria and use Blackwater Deo Spray to fight odor-causing germs. Feel fresher and more confident with Blackwater.

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