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Now Showing: 'Incredibles 2' Carried These Family Values Pinoys Can Definitely Relate To!

Now Showing: 'Incredibles 2' Carried These Family Values Pinoys Can Definitely Relate To!

It’s hard to imagine that the original The Incredibles came out in 2004 which was 14 years ago. And yet it feels like just a few years back. What I remember was of it being a rousing and refreshing take on the already used up storyline of superheroes in 3D animation. Incredibles 2 is definitely worth the long wait. Now, the expected followup question is, does it surpass the original or is it a bit inferior as how most sequels usually fare? Hmm.. It’s a tough one to answer actually so let me just break it down for you.

It does not open with open with a big scene but it chose to do so with a more intimate and quiet sequence, leading to a flashback where the timeline is just how they left it from the last instalment. Just like the franchise, I think it’s safe to say, it has matured with its viewership. +3

The Incredibles’ family dynamics is still intact at its core, what the previous film’s biggest strength emphasized. All the family members’ personalities are fully fleshed out as if you’ve known all of them like a family friend. +5

The filmmaking this time around is even more incredible than the first. In terms of its visual effects, the movie may be in 3D animation but the cinematography, framing, and lighting altogether is so cinematic and realistic! It makes use of rack focusing at times and even the manipulation of the depth of field. If it’s too much film jargon already for you, let’s just say that it really was able to utilize and manipulate the medium of 3D animation to its full extent, as if they were shooting real live objects and characters. +5

To add to what I said above, the mansion sequence was the bomb! When you get to watch it, try to imagine how it is to film in a real house with those features and you’ll get what I mean. It is after all loosely dated in a futuristic 60s era, giving the film a warm nostalgic feel when it comes to its art direction. Look closely at the furniture and appliances like cameras, etc! +3

Aside from the kickass visuals, this sequel comes with many layers in its storyline. There’s the husband-wife dynamic, father-son/daughter altercations, which makes all the characters even more real and relatable. It also delves into some philosophies and ideologies, subtlely injected into some of the dialogues to cater to the parents and adults watching whilst the kids don’t even mind them. +5

There’s this part where Elastigirl converses with Evelyn Deavor about what a cynic would do, as opposed to what a believer would. Those moments provided some smart bite size nuggets of wisdom. +3

The Screenslaver’s (the new ‘villain’ in the film) monologue though—that was pretty loaded about superheroes distracting everyone from real world problems. I wanna get a hold of its transcript as it was only a byline, much like a scoring to an action sequence! But if you listen to it clearly, it makes quite a statement. +3

Then there’s this statement, what would people rather have? Quality or comfort? And the answer is, comfort, of course. People would always go for ease over quality everytime, which says a lot about humanity. +2

The action sequences also make good use of the medium providing camera movements and effects that would be pretty tedious even with a green screen and CGI. Of course, our beloved family members and their powers are a staple but lots of new supers are introduced with interesting abilities, too. Eat your heart out, X-Men! And if these weren’t enough, in comes Jack-Jack and his new powers! +3

I just wanted to take Jack-Jack home after watching the film. He was already adorable in the first, but his big personality shines through even more, especially with his growing abilities. +4

I could go still go on and on about how incredible this sequel is and with a total of 36 points, which I think is my highest tally this year in film, can I say that Incredibles 2 lived up to the original? Well, I believe it did in some way, but I also will agree with those who would argue otherwise. The important thing is that it brought something new to the table and that’s what counts at the end of the day. It’s definitely fun viewing for the whole family and for the adults, watch out for the Easter eggs all around the film in the form of anecdotes. Once again, get your note apps ready.

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