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Chef Next Door's Chef Jonas Ng On “Getting to Know Your Dough” and Overcoming Cooking Obstacles

Chef Next Door's Chef Jonas Ng On “Getting to Know Your Dough” and Overcoming Cooking Obstacles

What’s in a bread? Flour, yeast, water, salt, flavors of your choice—of course you know that already. The best breads, though, are made with special ingredients that you wouldn’t find in the grocery. Chef Next Door host Chef Jonas Ng, whose array of specialties include artisan breads and dips, shares the intangible essential you must not forget the next time you embark on your breadmaking journey: A whole lot of passion.

“We do it [our breads] from scratch, and we do it with passion, [alongside] good flour, good yeast, water, salt, and whatever flavors you want. It takes practice, trial and error, and a lot of ‘getting to know your dough,’” shares Chef Jonas. He adds that they do most of their kneading and breadmaking by feel, which you’ll also see on Lifestyle’s Chef Next Door, where he imparts ways to help anyone and everyone overcome real-life cooking obstacles. His foolproof, easy-to-follow recipes are also proof that restaurant quality food can be done right in the comforts of one’s home.

Read on for Chef Jonas’ food suggestions for various important events in your life (and you’re family’s!):

The first date: “Anything with bacon. Seriously.”

The pamamanhikan: “Ten treasure soup because it signifies abundance—it’s one of my mom's heritage recipes.”
The family reunion: “My bagna cauda (anchovy cream dip) with crudites. It's perfect when you're waiting for everyone to get settled in, plus it can be served warm or cold.”

This passionate chef sure brings much more to the table besides his expertise, and his reason for doing what he does makes him a great role model, both in the kitchen and off of it: “Being able to inspire people. whether it's to try the restaurants, try cooking at home, or even just to look at food and cooking a little differently than before; it only takes one person being inspired to keep me going,”

Chef Next Door airs regularly on Lifestyle Channel 52 Mondays 10PM, Tuesdays 5:30AM, Wednesdays, 5:30PM, and Fridays 12AM and 9:30PM.


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