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In Focus: 8 Little Helpful Things We Can Do For Ourselves After A Breakup

In Focus: 8 Little Helpful Things We Can Do For Ourselves After A Breakup



For most of us who have been in love, we can all agree that breakups are painful no matter what the circumstances are–whether it was an official relationship that has ran its course or an unofficial one where the other person was painfully left behind. Breakups are inevitable; despite all efforts to save the relationship, deciding to go your separate paths is sometimes where you both should be.

Yup, moving on doesn’t happen overnight. It requires enough strength and motivation for us to fully recover. It’s definitely not going to be easy simply because the pain we are feeling may hold us back. Luckily for us, there are little things we can do every day to help us get through this bump on the road and move forward with our lives. Here are some of the everyday things we can do for ourselves after a breakup:

1. Eat right.

Some of us may think that indulging ourselves with our favorite food, which sometimes may be the unhealthiest ones, is what we need after a breakup. All the stress eating actually feels comforting, but the truth is, we should soon realize how eating right and choosing the healthier options will truly make us feel great inside. Taking proper care of your body is key!

2. Get enough sleep.

Another thing we sometimes take advantage of is getting enough sleep every night. We understand how our sadness and pain can somehow push us to stay up late, but, as much as possible, try to get that much-needed amount of zzzz’s. Once you get the hang of it, you don’t just feel reenergized physically, but it can also be refreshing emotionally. 

3. Reward yourself with some pamper sesh.

Every breakup also becomes a reminder that we should start looking after ourselves. And one simple way that we can do so is by rewarding ourselves with a much-deserved pamper session. Be it a new hairstyle and color, or a relaxing full body massage, feeling beautiful from the inside out can go a long way to getting your groove back!

4. Spend more time with your loved ones.

One good thing about breakups is having more time for ourselves which also means more chances to bond with our constants who are certainly our rock and fortress in times of struggle. Whether we want to pour our heart out to them or simply want a feel-good hang, we can now spend more quality time with our family and friends and show them how much we appreciate their presence in our lives. 

5. Exercise.

Sweating all the pain off is also a great way to cope with breakups. Working out will not only push us to a fitter and healthier version of ourselves, but it can also pump up the happy hormones in us while we courageously go through our moving on process.

6. Disconnect to connect.

With all the noise in the world that we get through social media, including updates about our exes, we should always learn how to disconnect from all these things which is also a prerequisite of connecting with ourselves. Taking a break from this kind of buzz can help regain our inner peace one way or another. 

7. Try something new every day.

Breakups may be considered as an ending, but they are a beginning of something, too. Encouraging ourselves to try something new every day is what can help us rebuild ourselve. Whether it is as simple as a new genre of a movie, a new clothing style, or it’s as bold as trying out a new career or changing our eating habits, welcoming change and living fearlessly is sometimes all we need to completely power through the challenge of moving on.

8. Celebrate little victories.

Despite the struggle and all the hurting, we should never forget to give ourselves more credit for trying to be better each day. Let’s start looking around us and see how lucky we are despite what we’ve been through. Learning to see the little victories we have so far and celebrating them provide us with a greater perspective and more love for ourselves.

Going through a break up is surely something we all dread to go through. But with the little things we can do for ourselves, nothing is impossible. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but starting with baby steps can go a long way to picking ourselves up one day at a time.

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