Cheat Sheet: Extend The Life Of Your Clothes With These Tips!

Cheat Sheet: Extend The Life Of Your Clothes With These Tips!

With fast fashion, clothes are constantly changing—which is great if you’re into shopping and experimenting with your style! But one of the downsides is that if you snag something you come to love, chances are it’ll be hard to find another just like it. And if the said piece was part of a dated season or collection, the store you bought that from will no longer carry it. Thus, it’s important to ensure that the clothes you buy are well taken care of. Here are a few tips we’ve picked up that can extend the life of your faves!

Organize your laundry. How many times have you ruined a perfectly white shirt because you threw it in with the reds, and it came out pink? Before washing, carefully sort your clothes into lights, dark, and reds. These ensure that none of the colors bleed into each other.

Check the tag. Pay attention to the washing care symbols printed on the tags of your shirts and dresses. Some pieces suggest a gentle wash, while others (say, those made of sturdier denim) require more powerful spins. It’s best to read the label and follow accordingly.

Get the right home appliance. While you can take to handwashing your clothes, this becomes tedious and time-consuming. So, leave it to modern washing machines that are intelligently designed and programmed to address the needs of your clothes such as the Dowell Twister Spin Fully Auto Washing Machine. This modern marvel removes stubborn stains through a powerful yet gentle wash. Even as it goes hard against dirt and grime, it’s gentle enough, ensuring that even your delicates do not get torn.

Wash as recommended. With the Dowell Twister Spin Fully Auto Washing Machine, you can adjust your wash according to your load. The Fully Auto is programmed with different flexiwash commands that present unique washing processes to suit all your types of clothes and fabrics—from lace and casuals to denims and suits.

As you extend the life of your wardrobe know that your appliance can also live up to the regular wear and tear of home life. The Dowell Fully Auto Twister Spin promises years of great use thanks to its durable steel body, which is resistant against impact, rust, and corrosion. In addition, this hardworking domestic appliance is energy efficient, helping to reduce your electricity bills and making it a better choice for the environment. See your water consumption go down as well as the Fully Auto is designed with an intelligent water-control function.

Keep your clothes looking fresh and as brand new as possible, while making laundry time less of a chore with Dowell Twister Spin Fully Auto Washing Machine.

For more information about Dowell and the Fully Auto Washing Machine, visit the official Facebook page of Dowell or call 0945-8012480, 0922-8660737, and (02) 681 1830.

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