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In Focus: 6 Things Every ARMY Does To Show Their Love For BTS

In Focus: 6 Things Every ARMY Does To Show Their Love For BTS


By Tricia Mata


The #2018BTSFESTA has just ended, and BTS surely kept us so hyped just in time for their 5th anniversary which we celebrate every June 13th. From new music and dance videos to group photos, and a whole lot more, the Bangtan boys has spoiled us with so much love by sharing various content every single day that the entire FESTA period, keeping us awake at night and swooning all day.

However, we should remember that this is not just the anniversary of BTS. This is also a commemorative event for us ARMYs as we celebrate five years of great music, dope moments, and “unfake” love for our boys. But how can we show our love in return? Here, we list down all the things we all do for the love of BTS!

1. Song Covers

If you believe you’re musically gifted, then a vocal or an instrumental rendition of your favorite BTS song would be a wonderful way to show your appreciation for the guys. An acoustic version of “Spring Day” or a ballad version of “I Need U” would surely show off how talented our fandom is! Or if you like to give rapping a try, then do a “Cypher” à la RM, Suga, or J-Hope. If there's a chance that the boys would see it, they'll be proud for sure!

2. Dance Covers 

Learning a choreography of any BTS song is definitely a tough challenge, and being able to learn and master even just one dance would be a proud moment for any ARMY. It's time to show off your dance DNA! 

3. Fan Art

Put some of your artistic talent to good use by sketching or painting away your favorite photo of your bias. Well, since not a lot of ARMYs are that good in drawing, then the easiest ones to draw would be their equally cute and adorable BT21 counterparts. Those still count!

4. Participating on #ARMYSelcaDay

Got yourself a denim jacket and a bucket hat, or you just think you can pull off a simple finger heart or a gangster pose? Then try to do your own version of your bias’ selca or album concept photo! This is the simplest way to show off your love for our favorite group for all your internet friends to see!

5. Buying Fan Merch

Go save some of your allowance and invest on some BTS-branded fan merchandise, from T-shirts, stickers, posters, up to the most precious ARMY Bomb light stick. By the way, the Love Yourself World Tour is about to begin anytime soon, so you better prepare!

6. Tirelessly tweeting or posting our love for every content that BTS feeds us

As BTS constantly drops a lot of great stuff almost every day, whether they’re on their promotional period or not, there’s just no stopping us ARMYs from spazzing 24/7. We can’t help but tweet and share all those #feels that are about to explode and make us crazy! Oh, how to keep up with all those random Bangtan Bombs, V Live broadcasts, selcas, highlight reels, weekly reality shows, advertisements, and show guestings they appear in, on top of other things? Being an ARMY is truly a full-time commitment!

Here's to five years of spazzing and adoring BTS with every fiber of our beings! We can't wait to make our love even stronger for these boys in the coming years! How about you, how do you show your appreciation for BTS? 

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