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#ChalkLovesJoshLia: Julia Barretto Shares Her Secrets To Inner Love

#ChalkLovesJoshLia: Julia Barretto Shares Her Secrets To Inner Love



Self-love has been a prominent theme so far in the year 2018. Every day, more and more people share their stories of realizing their self-worth left and right on social media. Actress Julia Barretto is no stranger to this, as she proved to be one of those individuals who have come to this empowering realization after facing a challenging time with on-screen partner and fellow OPPO ambassador Joshua Garcia.

During our shoot in partnership with OPPO, we’ve witnessed first-hand how Julia exudes a strong sense of self-respect through her radiating confidence. And as we got into a more personal conversation with her, we also found that this characteristic of hers extends through her words and actions as well. However, as the young actress has revealed, the realization had not been recently learned and dates back before she even stepped into the spotlight.  

As it turns out, like everyone else, this young beauty had gone through a phase where she began to doubt herself. Thankfully, her mom had helped guide her to acknowledging her self-worth at a very tender age. Julia shared that it had been Marjorie Barretto who taught her to never depend her happiness on other people and helped her recognize the kind of love that she deserved.

We then asked Julia about the importance of acknowledging one’s self-worth and how it could make a difference. “It’s important that you are complete on your own before committing to a relationship or a job, so that when you break off a relationship or lose your job, you won’t have to rely on anything or anyone to make you feel whole,” she answered.

There is no question that it had been her undeniable grace and talent that pushed her to the very top. However, no matter how high Julia goes, we can see in her the knowledge that true empowerment comes from sharing what she has learned to help other people get to where she is now.

“How you treat yourself is how well other people are going to treat you,” shared Julia when asked about her secret to inner love. “You really have to love yourself in order for others to know how you should be loved.”

With this, Julia has proved herself a worthy role model and a class act. Advice as beautiful as hers could only come from wisdom gained through experience. We all know that she’s a promising actress, but as she goes through her journey in life, we find that she also posseses a strong and admirable soul. It is with this combination that she keeps pushing the boundaries of our expectations, and we can’t wait to see where her heart takes her next.

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Photographed by Andrea Beldua
Creative Direction by Madel Asuncion
Art Direction by Mikka Caronan
Styled by Cath Sobrevega
Makeup by Lala Flores

Hair by John Valle




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