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In Focus: 6 Cozy Things We All Love About The Rainy Season

In Focus: 6 Cozy Things We All Love About The Rainy Season



Summer is now officially over as weather authorities have announced the start of the rainy days in the next few months. It’s already that time of the year again when downpour becomes totally predictable because as we all know, our country experiences only two seasons: the dry and the wet, and the latter has already begun.

Although both seasons have their own set of pros and cons, let’s take a moment to appreciate the current weather condition we are having and focus more on the good stuff about it, as we expect more of this in the coming weeks. Yes, there’s really so much to love about the rain. So despite the flooded streets, heavy traffic, and hassle of commuting, we have listed down the best things about this season to help everyone deal with it with lightly:

1. Super comfy OOTDs
What else is comfier than wearing an oversized shirt, a cute sweater, a pair of sweatpants, or a stylish jacket to keep us warm? Plus, you can now have all the excuse in the world to wear those boots that have been hiding behind your closet! Other than requiring a minimal amount of effort in dressing up, these basic yet essential pieces certainly provide the coziness we are all looking for during this season.

2. A cup of coffee or tea has never been more perfect.
Even on sunny days, most of us find ourselves wanting our daily dose of caffeine fix. So filling ourselves with great coffee or tea during the rainy season, while enjoying their flavor and aroma, can certainly bring us the simple joys of life. One can never go wrong with this kind of warmth and richness in a cup!

3. You feel fresh all day.
We're pretty sure most of us have complained about the unbearable heat during summer, and the struggle of staying fresh without looking all sweaty is real. Luckily, this season definitely makes up for it. With the coolness of the weather, we can all say goodbye to unnecessary sweating at any time of the day! Just make sure to bring an umbrella so you won't lose that freshness by being drenched in the rain!

4. It's cuddle weather!
Another thing most of us look forward to during the rainy days is being given the chance to get all snuggled up–whether it’s with our S.O.s, fambam, pets, or just alone with a pile of blankets and pillows. The cuddly ambiance, all thanks to the rain, absolutely makes us all hella excited about this kind of weather! The temptation to stay in all day is strong!

5. We sleep better.
We can all agree that the rain can definitely work its magic as we enjoy the company of our beds. With the feel-good coolness of this weather and the extra comfort that goes with it, wandering off to dreamland becomes such a breeze. Who doesn’t love sleep anyway? Just make sure you don't hit "Snooze" way too many times from your alarm before it's too late to start your day!

6. We feel deeper appreciation for our home.
One great reminder this kind of weather gives us is that we should be genuinely thankful for our homes, which provide the roofs on our heads. Moreover, the rainy season also becomes one of our main reasons to stay indoors which means more quality time to spend with the people we truly care for and bond with them more!

Sometimes, it’s really all about perspective. Here's to making the most out of this cool weather before the heat wave strikes back again! 

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