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In Focus: 6 Relationship Struggles And Who To Learn From

In Focus: 6 Relationship Struggles And Who To Learn From



As a couple, there's no doubt that most hope to have a drama-less relationship where there are no issues or whatsoever. However, that's not really the case even if you and your partner get along so well. One way or another, there would come a time when there's going to be an issue that would test your connection.

With all the issues you might face, don't ever think that there's no solution because there always is! Whether it's your incredibly #strong girl friend or a celebrity you're looking up to, being inspired by those who made it work can help you fight those relationship struggles. Here, we listed the relationship issues that are more common than you think, plus the individuals who you can teach you a thing or two about that thing called love.

Struggle #1: When you're completely opposite from each other...

They do say that opposites attract, but the reality is that you need to put a lot of work in your relationship for it to work. Just like making friends, having things in common is the reason why you click with someone. Having differing interests could be worrisome for new couples, and it may lead you to thinking that you're possibly not "compatible" with them.

Who You Can Learn From: Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

Kathryn once admitted that she and Daniel have contrasting personalities, but she said that they make it work because they don't see their differences as a difficulty. Rather, they've learned how to compromise and meet halway. The lesson here is that you don't have to be "compatible" in the get-go. A real relationship is all about working your way through your differences until you find yourselves at a point where you've learned to jive seamlessly with whatever sets you two apart.


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Struggle #2: When you don't easily get a long with your partner's friends...

Yes, your relationship is about the two of you. But your partner's loved ones also matter if you really want to be part of their lives. It's not healthy that you keep a distance between you and their friends, because they are the people that your partner spends most of their time with. It's important that you trust them, and it's even better if you get along with them well.

Who You Can Learn From: Nadine Lustre and James Reid

It's no secret that Nadine hangs out a lot with her boyfriend James' friends including his big sister Lauren to the point that they even formed their own squad. One of the perks of being in the same circle with your partner is being able to hang out with everyone without the hassle of splitting your friend time and your bae time. That's easily hitting two birds in one stone!


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Struggle #3: When the other person feels taken for granted...

Sometimes, once the honeymoon stage has ended and both have already gotten into the comfortable stage, one tends to lessen their efforts. This is quite common in most relationships today where we feel like we lose that passion we once had for each other, and we end up feeling taken for granted.

Who You Can Learn From: Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia

We all know the riff that happened between Julia and Joshua, and seeing them make things work once again is totally inspirational. One made a mistake, and both of them learned from it. They now value each other more than ever and are doing what it takes to continuously earn each other's affection and trust.


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Struggle #4: When you both still have some growing up to do...

Sometimes, no matter how much you love each other, there would be things that you would have to work on individually to be more emotionally and mentally mature. They say that you have to be whole on your own before you can fully commit to someone else. That's why choosing to grow in our own terms, even if it means we have to go our separate ways for the time being, is a choice we have to make.

Who You Can Learn From: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

This is the couple that proved true love can and will survive anything including the test of time. They had to break up, but after a while, they eventually found their way back to each other once they found the best versions of themselves, the versions that are ready for the long haul. Now, these two are one of those power couples we're rooting for!


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Struggle #5: When you don't spend enough time together...

Distance and busy schedules are real issues when it comes to relationships. It's not easy to keep it up when you two don't meet eye to eye. With all the pressures surrounding you combined with this age-old problem, it's possible to hit rock bottom when you rarely spend time with each other.

Who You Can Learn From: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

Being the big stars that they are, one of the reasons why Gigi and Zayn broke up is because of their conflicting schedules. With their skyrocketing careers and hectic calendars, it's understandable as to why they're not able to get in touch with one another that much anymore. But if there's a will, there's a way, right? These days, it looks like Gigi and Zayn are trying to make things work again. We may not know what the real score is, but we're certain that they are special to each other despite all the hard challenges they face.


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Struggle #6: When you ultimately have to go your separate ways...

Two mature people who are in a relationship could identify when something about them isn't working out anymore. Just because everything's fine on the surface, it doesn't mean both parties are indeed happy in the relationship. Sometimes, the only solution to this relationship struggle is to go your separate ways and be happy for one another even when you're apart.

Who You Can Learn From: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

What we love most about this ex-couple is when they broke up, the love was still there. They might not be in love with each other anymore, but the care they had for one another when they were dating is something that would never ever go away. The two still show support with each other every now and then, and that's something we could all learn from about breaking up in a healthy way!


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A relationship is all about hard work. You can't just expect it to be as easy as breathing, and leave when you feel like you're struggling. Being with someone takes dedication and commitment, so make sure you're armed with determination to keep thing going no matter how tough it gets!

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