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In Focus: Types Of Friendship Every Millennial Needs In Their Life

In Focus: Types Of Friendship Every Millennial Needs In Their Life



We all have our own core group of people while growing up that we regularly hang out with, but aside from your squad, you also develop connections outside of it. From your K-pop fandom friends to the people you go on spontaneous road trips with, being a millennial has its own perks when it comes to the set of people we meet. In our generation, there are already a lot of ways where we can meet different people with different personalities. Whether they're your hugotera friend who you go to when you're broken-hearted or your travel buddy who you go on weekend getaways with, every friendship formed is special. And the good thing is that you don't have to see or be in touch with them everyday just to know they're your friends. 

Here, we list down the kind of friendships we all have in our lives!

1. The Online Friend

This is the friend that you met on social media because you both like the same movie or you stan the same group. They end up being your go-to person whenever you need to spazz! For you, "hanging out" means staying in and chatting the night away. Everything about your friendship is virtual. You may even haven't seen each other face-to-face yet! The reason why your friendship work is because you both keep the online communication going. If the day comes that you're both willing to see each other personally, do it! Know that the best way to build rapport is getting to know someone away from the screen. 

2. The Party Buddy

Easily spotted in every weekend party or gig, this friend is the reason why you made new connections because they seem too know everyone wherever they go! You get along because you both enjoy going to random invites to on-the-spot food crawls and overnight pool parties. The only downside to this is you're not sure if they would be there for you when you need them since you only get to hang with them during the good times. The best way to avoid this is by getting to know them more and not limiting your friendship to a few glasses of beer over loud music. 

3. The Travel Buddy

When you're in the mood for spontaneous road trips or planned out-of-the-country tours, they're the one you invite right away! They have made traveling around the world their life's purpose, and you don't see anything wrong with it since you feel the same way, too. They're the friend who would go miles with you just to see the beauty of nature, who wouldn't spend a cent on anything just to save money for a trip, and who you would tag in every post you see about new destinations. When you're both together, most of the things you talk about are the places you would want to go to next. Your friendship is an adventure of a lifetime!

4. The Hugot Friend

This person is the friend you spent most of your emotional and broken-hearted days with. Sometimes, you can cry with them over buckets of beer if need be. They all have these hugots in their life because they've been through the tough times already, so they know exactly the right thing to say to you. Your hugot friend is also your most straightforward friend; they wouldn't mind telling you that you're in a one-sided relationship or you're getting your karma from all the bad things you did to your ex. Most of the time, their sentences start with "Kaya ka iniiwan eh," and although it hurts, you know they only mean well. 

5. The Instant Connection Friend

They're the friend you form a special bond with as soon as you met them. Perhaps you both like this obscure film, or you're both obsessed with dogs, or perhaps you sense of humor just click like no other. You two never have a dull moment together because they're the only one who gets you to a certain degree. There can even be a time that you'd count them as one of your BFFs! While it's hard to keep up with both of your busy lives, make sure to stay in touch whenever you can because that instant spark is something worth keeping!

6. Your Ride-Or-Die

Whether they're the one you grew up with or the only person understands you during the tough times, your friendship with them is already tried and tested. Sometimes, they know you more than you know yourself. They're the friend you're not afraid to share your emotions, aspirations, and milestones with. After everything you've been through together, you're 100% certain that you will never feel alone because you have them. They you're soulmate, your twinnie from another mommie, and, as millennials put it, your ride-or-die. There's no doubt that your friendship with them will outlast everything else in your life, and that's the kind of relationship that each of us truly needs.

Going through life is always better with your friends. You treat them like they're your family. And there's nothing in this world that can replace those connections, so make sure to nurture them every chance you get!

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