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The Six Fix: These Vlogs From Alex Gonzaga Are The Ultimate Happy Pill

The Six Fix: These Vlogs From Alex Gonzaga Are The Ultimate Happy Pill



As YouTube became the easiest platform to share your life in front of the public eye, it's no surprise that our favorite showbiz personalities have also hopped on this online trend. One of these stars is actress Alex Gonzaga who just started her YouTube channel ten months ago, but already has more than one million subscribers. She does have a fair advantage with her showbiz background, but a girl with a quirky personality like her could stand out anywhere even without it.

Watching Alex's videos has become our happy pill on a stressful day because she's not afraid to be her cheerful  and honest self. She has this authenticity and contagious fun personality that would make anyone burst with laughter. To further prove our point, we have listed the funniest videos she released on her channel for you to enjoy. Disclaimer: these vlogs will surely have you in stitches!

1. When she showed us how she makes her nephew laugh

Besides Seve's cuteness, we got to see the things Alex would do just to make her nephew happy. Even though she doesn't need that much effort to make us laugh, when it comes to Seve, it would take her a lot of energy just to put a smile on his face. It even drove her to the point where she made an all-out dance choreography to the tune of "Laki Sa Layaw" that exhausted her but, at least, she succeeded. Seve and his Tinang Alex's relationship is just so cute!

2. When she made an audition video for Meteor Garden

In this video, Alex proved to us how hard it is to learn Chinese. Not only do you have to remember a word, you also have to learn its four tones with four different meanings. Although it's hard, she really wants to learn because of her desire to play as the new San Chai in "Meteor Garden." She also reenacted some of the scenes which gave us a good laugh! Alex, if we were the one assigned to cast this iconic lead, we would definitely pick you!

3. When she had a music session with Moira Dela Torre

We all know Alex has always been an aspiring singer. She would always sing whenever she gets a chance to do so. That's why we weren't surprised when Alex invited the industry's most sought-after singer Moira Dela Torre for a music session, where Alex was the one who posted as the music expert! Her teasing moments with her boyfriend Mikee just made the video a whole lot funnier!

4. When they went on a family trip to Boracay

One of the things that Alex is good at is filming a travel vlog. She may not be like the other YouTubers who makes cool montages, but the way she ddid her beach house tour is the funniest. We can also see how close she is with her family, having her dad as the cameraman and her mom as her pingpong playmate. And her swimming lessons with the Soriano family just proves that she's as real as she can get in her videos, and that's what we love most about her! 

5. When she showed us her night time skincare routine

There's no doubt that watching skincare routine videos is one of our guilty pleasures that help us take care of ourselves more. That's why when Alex uploaded this video, her subscribers instantly smashed the views! But what makes this video different from the other skincare routine videos that we've watched is how comically Alex presented it to us. It's not your normal beauty vlogger type of video because, as alwatys, Alex put a tinge of her own style to it!

6. When she taught us how to look like a K-pop idol

Joining the K-pop trend, Alex also released a tutorial video on how to look like a K-pop idol where she showed us how she does her makeup and choose her outfit as inspired by 2NE1's CL and Dara. She even reenacted 2NE1's debut single "Fire" with a group of people which she calls 2N1/2. We're pretty sure Sandara Park would be obsessed with this video!

This funny girl surely makes our day no matter how low we're feeling. With just a few minutes of her bright personality and hilarious banters, Alex is our ultimate happy pill!

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