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In Focus: K-Pop Songs That Will Keep You Cozy This Rainy Season

In Focus: K-Pop Songs That Will Keep You Cozy This Rainy Season



Now that sweaters and rain boots have become your style essentials, umbrellas have become the one thing you shouldn't never forget to bring, and a hot cup of coffee has become your go-to drink, it only means one thing, rainy season has started! And what better way to savor this season than by listening to songs that would totally match its relaxing and cozy vibe? 

Here, we came up with the perfect K-pop playlist when you put those headphones on and watch as the rain trickle down your window. From slow tempos to soothing vocals, here's what you should listen to along with the heavy downpour! 

1. "Stay" by BLACKPINK

"Stay" is BLACKPINK's first slow tempo song which is about a girl letting go of a guy who she still loves. It's basically the nostalgic type, and we don't have any complains about it. It might not be a ballad song (and it never tried to be,) but it's still something that would give you the chills during this rainy season especially with their flawless vocals that win our hearts every time.

2. "I Need U" by BTS

BTS hits us right in the feels with their song "I Need U" which is a total refreshing tune from their previous rap-infused songs. The track is about a someone struggling to get over a breakup, something that was perfectly represented in their music video. Although you can still hear a bit of hiphop tune in it, it's still something that calms our hearts especially in this cozy weather. 

3. "Rainy Day" by Ailee

There's no doubt that Ailee's vocals have always been outstanding. A song that corresponds to the season, "Rainy Days" is basically about a memory of a breakup that came back to her because of the rain. The lyrics that go, "It’s a rainy day where tears fall, it’s a rainy day where memories flow," are so relatable because the watching the rain fall from our windows surely make our hearts nostalgic!

4. "Peter Pan" by EXO

If you know the story of Peter Pan, then you'll know what this song is about. EXO didn't produce this song just for the sake of this fairytale story, though. Rather, they wrote this for their fans, reimagining EXO as Peter Pan and the EXO-Ls as Tinkerbell. It's interpreted in such a way that there would come a time when they would find their own Wendy and move on with their lives while Tinkerbell would be left watching them from a distance. And even though this would possibly happen, the memories between Tinkerbell and Peter would still remain in their hearts forever. It's a sad yet beautifully crafted song that is surely the anthem of our fangirl lives!

5. "Lonely" by 2NE1

Considered as 2NE1's best ballad song, "Lonely" is about a girl breaking up with someone who loves her dearly, stating that she feels lonely even if she's in a relationship. Different from the other ballad songs listed that's about a person who was left behind, "Lonely" is the point of view of the one who left. Plus, the variation of the vocal skills of the members just stood out so much in this song, we wouldn't mind listening to it all throughout a rainy day!

6. "Let's Not Fall In Love" by BIGBANG

One of the most heartbreaking songs of BIGBANG, "Let's Not Fall In Love" is about someone who's afraid of commitment. Throughout the music video, the members acted like a complete boyfriend material to the girls they're with, but, in the end proved, that they didn't want any commitment. This scenario might be familiar for some of us right now. So if you're going through something like this, then this is the perfect timing to let those tears fall even for just a minute or two. We promise we won't judge.

7. "Eyes, Nose, Lips" by TAEYANG

The King of Ballad TAEYANG brought us this gem that we can't get enough of listening to up to this day. During BIGBANG's hiatus, main vocalist TAEYANG released a song entitled "Eyes, Nose, Lips" which is about the fire and ice of the two people in the relationship, accepting that in the end it only brought pain. It's a complete slow burner with a lovely piano backing up his priceless vocal delivery. Just take a moment to appreciate that, won't you? 

Take advantage of this snuggle weather, and put these tracks on. These should warm you up in no time!

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