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In Focus: K-Drama Dads Who Made Us Appreciate Our Own 'Appas' More

In Focus: K-Drama Dads Who Made Us Appreciate Our Own 'Appas' More



The first guy who became so important to us, the first guy who protected us, and the first guy who made us feel appreciated–whether you call him Dad, Daddy, or Papa, today we celebrate Fathers Day to honor the man who truly loves us the most. And to honor all the father figures out there, we've rounded up the our favorite dads from Korean dramas that melted our hearts and made us want to give our real-life appas a hug!

1. Lee Yoon Seok from My Father Is Strange (2017)

This drama makes every family interaction so relatable especially the relationship between Lee Yoon Seok and An Jung Hi. Being a father of four kids, Lee Yoon Seok is the type of person you would admire for his undeniable love and support for his family. Due to an unfortunate incident, Lee Yoon Seok has to change his name to his best friend's name, Byun Han Soo, which in return made An Jung Hi, Byun Han Soo's long lost son assume that he's his father. To keep up with the secret, Lee Yoon Seok took care of him like his own son. We just love how Jung Hi got a chance to experience a father's love and learn to open up to Yoon Seok even if he's not his real dad. Every tiny growth they made in their relationship moved us so much!

2. Choi Cheon-gap of Fight My Way (2017)

Besides seeing The Crazy Fantastic Four grow into mature and successful individuals, Choi Cheon-gap and Choi Aera's bond has become one of our favorite relationships in the drama. Despite the fact that it's against Cheon-gap's will to let her daughter go alone in the big world, he still let her do what she wants because he knows Aera would do anything just to achieve her dream of becoming an announcer. That's why every time Aera does something that would take her closer to her dream, Cheon-gap would drive miles away from his home just to support Aera like when he went to an event where Aera was the host. Even though he had to close his shop for the day, he didn't care as long as he's there for his daughter. That's the kind of father we all deserve!

3. Oh Ki-dong of Playful Kiss (2010)

With Oh Hani only having her father Oh Ki-dong by her side while growing up, there's no doubt that she'll become a daddy's girl. With Oh Hani's struggles with becoming a mature woman, her dad always tried to be there both as her mother and father. There was no moment that Ki-dong didn't show how much he supports and  protects his daughter at all costs. Even when Hani got married to Seung-jo already, she will always be his princess!

4. Dal-pyong of Pinocchio (2014)

Despite Choi In-Ha and Dal-pyong's bickering relationship, the two had always showed how much they love each other and this might be the most adorable father-daughter relationship we saw in a K-drama. In-Ha spent the last three years of post-college studying to become a reporter, but she continuously fails in her job interviews. During those times, Dal-pyong never left her side and tried his best to show how much he supports her daughter. There were also times that made us laugh too hard because these two just love to annoy each other which had made their bond so relatable!

5. Sung Dong II of Reply 1997 (2012)

Having a young daughter who's obsessed with a K-pop boy group might be something most fathers of this generation could relate to! Sung Shi Won had always declared to her dad that the only thing that she wants to be when she grows up is to become "Tony oppa's wife." It is also with this reason that she doesn't study well and has adopted an attitude problem, which tested her father's patience even more. Even though Sung Dong II has always expressed his temper and  overprotectiveness towards his daughter, we know that he's only doing it because he wants the best for her just like any dad!

6. Nam Chul-doo and Jung II-seung of While You Were Sleeping (2017)

Probably one of the most heartbreaking relationships between a dad and his children that existed in K-dramas, Hong Joo and Nam Chul-doo's moments had always consisted of Nam Chul-doo wanting for his daughter Hong Joo to act like a lady since she would rather play baseball with him than do what most girls does in her age. While Jae Chan and Jung II-seung's moments consisted of Jung II-seung scolding his son Jae Chan for being a lazy student. What makes this sad is how both their fathers died to save them that they didn't even get a chance to see them grow into successful individuals. This drama has proved that our dads would do anything just to protect us, even risking his own life. 

 7. Kim Chang-gul of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016)

Bok Joo and Kim Chang-gul’s relationship has always been fun to watch. Despite the adorable tandem between Joo Hyung and Bok Joo, it was always refreshing to see moments of these father and daughter together. They bicker a lot especially when it’s about Bok Joo’s naughty habits. But one of the moments that tugged our hearts was when Bok Joo cried her heart out in front of his dad because she doesn’t have any motivation to continue weightlifting anymore and instead of staying mad at her daughter, he tried his best to show her that she will always be his little girl. Her father’s priority would always be her happiness. He even bought her her first lipstick, what could be sweeter than that?

For all the corny dad jokes, overprotective comments, and heart-melting moments in between—here's to all the great times we had with our appas! We take this day to appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices you've done for us, and we will forever be greatful. Saranghae!

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