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#ChalkAsks: How Did You Become A K-Pop Fan?

#ChalkAsks: How Did You Become A K-Pop Fan?



K-pop fans are everywhere nowadays that anyhwere you turn, you'll surely find someone to spazz with! However, for long-time fans, this was not the case back then. During that time, most first and second gen fans would spazz low-key since the trend wasn't widespread yet. Discovering groups that only a few people knew, then seeing them grow into a worldwide phenomenons was the best feeling ever!

Whether you started becoming a fan by stumbling upon a music video or through a friend who's a hardcore stan, your first sojourn into the world of K-pop was surely a beginning you'd always remember. Out of curiosity, we asked how these K-pop enthusiasts became one of us, and here are their stories!

"It all started when I watched funny videos of 2NE1. At first, I thought they were just another girl group. But the more I watched their videos, the more I fell in love with them. They made me feel happy about myself, and that's something that I never felt with a group before. I honestly thought that K-pop wouldn't be popular for a long time, but now it has become a way where people can appreciate themselves more just by adoring a group." - Alysa, 16

"During my internship days last year, one of my friends introduced K-pop to me. Well, I already knew K-pop since elementary or high school, but I was jut never into it. I kind of understood the appeal, but never really got into it. I officially became a fan when I first heard "TT" by TWICE then got attracted to member Tzuyu. Everything just led me to K-pop after that. I was then introduced to BTS, Day 6, and Seventeen. I guess I fell in love with K-pop because of its diverse style. I only felt attached to music because of them since most international songs that I've heard nowadays are kind of too basic." - Ernest, 21

"Back in 2008, I used to play an online game called 'Audition' a lot. And because of that, I became a fan of Cool, Kim Jong Kook, and Se7en. Everything just went on from there as I discovered groups like BEAST and SHINee during my high school years. But K-pop started changing my life when I got into college because during those times, I was a huge fan of f(x) and adopted the "Sulli" nickname from one of the members of f(x). And up until now, I'm still called by that nickname." - Renz, 20

"I don't really like K-pop before. For me, I think it was overhyped and their fans were so annoying. It all changed when I saw a clip of BTS as the victims of an elevator prank. It was so hilarious, I laughed so hard that time. They were so funny that's why I searched for more videos about them. As I watched more, I started thinking they were cool. I couldn't believe there are people like them. Then I started listening to their songs, and found their music videos so appealing. I also followed them on social media so I could get myself updated. From then on, I just realized I'm slowly becoming a fan, I became an ARMY." - JK, 18

"I already heard K-pop many times before since my big sister listen to it all the time, I just didn't know that it was K-pop because I didn't understand the lyrics. I originally thought it was Japanese. Then she introduced me to 2NE1 and made me listen to their song "Falling In Love." That's when it all started and I also discovered my best friends liked them, too. The following years were just amazing because as I discover things, I also met a lot of K-pop fans from different fandoms and became friends with them." - Naomie, 13

"I was taking a break from college and all I did was watch random videos on YouTube, then somehow I got to the K-pop side and clicked the first video on my suggestions. I watched one episode of SHINee's "Hello Baby" and laughed so hard. The next thing I knew, I already finished the entire series and became a Shawol! I was low-key at first because I had no one to talk to about it. Then 2016 came, and my friend introduced me to BTS and Seventeen. The rest is history." - Jaris, 21


"It started when I was in elementary school. I saw Super Junior's "Don't Don" playing on TV and it caught my attention. After that I started listening to more songs of Super Junior, BIGBANG, Girls' Generation, SS501, and U-Kiss, then I became a certified K-pop fan. Now that I've grown older, I still listen and dance to K-pop music which just proves that once you got into K-pop, you can never really leave." - Czhen, 21

"When Animax started airing Korean shows in 2009, I got hooked with "Ulzzang Generation" which was also the time I religiously watched Korean dramas. However, it wasn’t until my classmates at the time recommended that I watch “You’re Beautiful” that my love for K-pop officially started. The character Jeremy was so cute that I became a fan of Lee Hongki that later on turned into me being a fan of his K-pop group FT Island. Since then, I started listening to other K-pop groups thanks to MYX channel. Shoutout to Flower Men Corporation for introducing me to BIGBANG, the first group I ultimately stanned! "Sunset Glow" will always be special to me." - Bea, 21

"It all started when I watched 2NE1’s “Fire” MV. From then on, it just grew until I started researching about the world of K-pop and started listening to other K-pop groups like Super Junior and Wonder Girls. The more I listen, the more I got into it until I had reached the point of no return. Up to this day, I’m a proud K-pop fan. Although, it's mostly second generation groups now and a few third generation groups, I think I would never outgrow this!" - Patricia, 25

"I love K-dramas since I was in grade school. That's why when I saw the TV promotion video of "Dream High" on ABS-CBN, I instantly searched for the drama on the internet and watched all episodes in just a few days. I learned about the entertainment agencies and the idols' struggles to debut because of "Dream High," I had a glimpse of the K-pop idols' sacrifices, effort, passion, and hardwork. It was 2012 that I started to love the groups and became a multifandom until six years had already passed, and I'm still a K-pop fan. Thanks to Dream High, I discovered a world that I'll treasure until my last breath." - Hannah, 20

"It started back in 2013 when I first heard the song "Bingeul Bingeul" by U-Kiss and "Sorry, Sorry" by Super Junior, then I discovered my friends know them, too. But it was when I discovered the group BIGBANG that I started falling for K-pop. After a year of lay low with K-pop, I met a lot of fans in college and the feels all came back to me. Although my bias group has become BTS now, every experience when I started has become super memorable. I just really love being in the K-pop fandom because it's a totally different world that makes me happy." - Danna, 22

It's fun to go back to the days when you just started becoming a K-pop fan, days when everything just seems so intriguing that you wanted to learn more about them. Whatever group brought you into K-pop, the only important thing is that they made you want to stay. How did you become a K-pop fan? Let us know! 

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