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In Focus: Gripping, Relatable, And Often Sensual, 'Precious Hearts' Tickles The Pinoy Fancy Easily

In Focus: Gripping, Relatable, And Often Sensual, 'Precious Hearts' Tickles The Pinoy Fancy Easily

Precious Hearts Romances is now synonymous with Pinoy romance novels, as readers would instantly conjure up fantastic love stories in print with its brand hoisted on its well-drawn cover. Who could believe that the once novelty Tagalog-written pocketbooks would now reach the level of global labels such as Mills and Boon or Avon, and fight head to head even on an international scale?

In the 16 years Precious Hearts Romances dominated Pinoy bookshelves, we’ve seen romantic bookworms collecting its titles, its line branch out to other genres and interests, and its stories being adapted into top rating ABS-CBN teleseryes through the years using the Precious Hearts Romances Presents kicker on their show titles. The latest of which is the current afternoon TV smash Araw Gabi, based on Martha Cecilia’s El Paraiso.

Below, we list down some of the factors why Precious Hearts Romances has become the preeminent romance storyteller revered by Pinoys.

It’s written in Tagalog.

When Precious Hearts Romances started out, Tagalog written romance works were on the rise. Apart from the use of the national language, the authors don’t go all too literary as their characters make use of words that you can here on the streets. Thus, the appeal of these romance novels doubled.

The stories are relatable.

The Philippines being a Catholic country, there are certain morals, which we want our characters to have. There is no abortion, divorce, or any of the problems, which we often see in Western romance books, but the characters are relatable in their own way. Take for example, Rose Tan’s Bud Brothers. The story revolves around eight male friends who own a farm. The teleserye showed a week-long story with these male protagonist falling in love. The show ended after four months. Also, Ang Lalaking Nagmahal Sa Akin by Vanessa is one more story that has a great trope. It tells the story of Flor (played by Toni Gonzaga) who moves to the city from the province to provide for her family. She works as a hotel chambermaid, where she eventually falls in love with her boss and hotel owner, played by none other than Derek Ramsay.

They know how to tickle your fancy.

Relatable, yes. But that’s not the only characteristic of Preciuos Hearts Romance novels. They also give us intricate plots, that are often teleserye worthy (that’s why we’ve watched them on TV). One such memorable teleserye is Midnight Phantom. Based on Martha Cecila's Pangako, the show starred Ina Raymundo, Denise Laurel, and Rafael Rosell (as the titular character). Midnight Phantom is a disc jockey named Brandon who Nadja (played by Laurel) loves to listen to. After having her request for a somg sung on air, a romantic affair ensued between the two However, what Nadja doesn’t know is that her guardian and step mother Anya (played by Ina Raymundo) had a past.

You know how it ends.

What makes romance novels story great is that you always know that there is going to be a happy ending. The two main characters will either have a Happy for Now ending or a Happy Ever After. Either way, the stories that have been told (and published) have a tug at the heart with the readers feeling the chemistry between them and reading the last page (or the last episode) with a contented smile.

They have expanded to a wide range of audience.

Apart from the usual romance books. Precious Pages, the company behind Precious Hearts Romances, has ventured into giving other romance genres such as young adult, suspense, and many more. It ventured into printing young adult adventure, joke books, and more. With the growth of the company, novels by Precious Hearts Romances eventually became available overseas.

They also give Filipino readers works by popular foreign authors.

Precious Pages not only brought us romance stories written by Filipinos, they also gave us popular romance novels such as Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey that were translated to Filipino. This proved to be another hit for the publishing company as copies of the Filipino translation quickly sold out.

We seem not to get enough of Precious Hearts Romances, with its impressive turnout of over 50 titles per month giving readers the all they ever wanted in spending quality R&R reading a luscious, enthralling, and beguiling romantic paperback.

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