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In Focus: 6 Types of Couples You'd Commonly Encounter While Traveling

In Focus: 6 Types of Couples You'd Commonly Encounter While Traveling



Most couples, just like any other individual, see more of what the world has to offer as part of their ultimate #relationshipgoals. Almost everyone enjoys traveling because it’s the ultimate break from all the stress in our daily lives, so it’s no surprise to see couples all over the place whatever destination or season it may be.

And because no relationship is the same with another, with each having its own qualities, we’d definitely encounter different types of couples as we travel at one point or another. Here are some types of pairings we commonly meet during our trips:

1. The Lovey-Dovey Couple 
Some couples just can’t get enough of their partners which means an extra dose of PDA even while traveling. They’re not afraid to show the world their love and affection as they remain inseparable and stay ultimately sweet with each other, not really minding every other tourist’s attention. Awww!


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2. The Instagram Couple
While there are couples out there who are content with simply posing and smiling for the camera with the attraction in the background, here's a shoutout to the couples who go an extra mile just to take excellent photos of their partner, exerting efforts in finding the right angle, keeping the balance among the elements, and other techy/artsy details. They’re literally game to get you an Insta-worthy picture!


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3. The Happy-Go-Lucky Couple 
No matter what the circumstances are, this pair is definitely the kind who knows how to chill and still make the most out of their trip. They’re most likely the ones who are most excited for anything, even the silliest moments, which will make travelling more memorable. They're always ready to go with the flow. After all, it’s vacation time right?


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4. The Adventurous Couple
Because of their constant craving for adventure, this type of couple seems to be always up for the challenge to feel the thrill. As most of the group in the tours solidly follow and enjoy the planned itinerary, this kind of couple usually swims deeper while snorkelling or goes higher while trekking, continuously exploring more of the world in every trip they go to.


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5. The “Let’s be Friends with Everybody!” Couple
Sometimes, making memories while travelling isn’t the only goal of couples on board but also meeting new awesome peeps and making new friends. Be it the locals or co-tourists, building fresh connections is just as great as collecting beautiful souvenirs in every destination. It’s actually even better!


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6. The Foodie Couple
No travel would be complete without the ultimate culinary experience. Who doesn’t love to eat anyway? While we can all agree on this, we must also take note of the couples who think that food is life and take their gastronomic trip to a whole new level. They don’t just savor the munchies, but cherish every bit of it–from the taste and plating to the story behind every delicious dish relished in a certain part of the world. Yum!


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One absolute advantage of travelling is meeting new people along our journey. Encountering these different types of couples as we wander leads not only to learning something about them, but it may also to result to some sort of self-discovery.  

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