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Cheat Sheet: Five Simple Life Hacks To Set Yourself Up For Success

Cheat Sheet: Five Simple Life Hacks To Set Yourself Up For Success

Creating positive changes in your life is not about those grand gestures you make every so often. If you really think about it, it’s actually those small decisions you make everyday that determine your success. If you’re one of those entering the workforce anytime soon, these small victories are actually preparing you for what you have to face in the ‘real world’. Essentially, these habits could be your building blocks of having a good life.

Without further ado, here are some seemingly insignificant habits you could already be doing, that are actually making you a better person.

1. Standing up for what you believe in
In this digital age, it’s not that hard to have an opinion. The challenge, really, is how you stick with it. Whether you’re fighting for a cause, for your rights, for the truth, or whatever it is your heart yearns for—even if others couldn’t understand—you’re actually building your character and taking charge of your life. Remember, though, to stay respectful. If you’re going to voice out your opinion, it’s always best to stay classy.

2. Learning things on your own
Thanks to the internet, there’s just no excuse not to know something you want to know. Want to learn how to cook? Google it. Want to master those dance moves you’ve been meaning to try? Watch those videos on YouTube and start practicing. If it doesn’t work out, then try something new. The important thing is to never stop learning.

3. Nurturing healthy relationships
We’re not just talking about romantic relationships; we mean all kinds of it: friendships, social circles, or your future colleagues. If you’re one of those people who have mastered the art of letting go of toxic people, then kudos to you! For those who are still struggling to find real friends, once in a while, take a step back, and figure out who among your crew are worthy of your time. Once you’ve identified those people, cherish them. In this life, it’s important to have people to support you, learn with you, and be with you when times get hard.

4. Making time for your passion
Discovering your passion is one thing; putting in the effort to develop it is another. Pursuing what you love to do takes time—and it pays to stay committed in cultivating it. If you at least take 15 minutes off your Facebook time to practice, say, doodling or playing your guitar, then you already deserve a pat on the back.

5. Smell good and stay fresh all day
You see, taking care of your body is not just about exercising and playing sports; it’s also about maintaining good hygiene. Floss regularly, clip those nails, and wear a scent that shows off what’s unique in you. Try using Axe Body Spray! It has an array of scents to go with your personality: Dark Temptation for The Irresistibly Charming Guy, Black for The Understated Man, Gold Temptation for The Stylish & Sophisticated Man, and Axe YOU for The Guy working on his passion inside of you!

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If you’re already doing any of these, keep doing it. It might be tempting to say, “Next time na ‘yan,” but if you’re actually serious about making positive changes in your life, then you better stick with these habits. You might now know it yet, but constantly working on yourself will pay off in the end, especially for those who are slowly entering the corporate world. All you need is commitment, hard work, and that confidence that you can face anything. As long as you keep doing you, you’ll be on your way to not only become a better person, but also live a better life.

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