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In Focus: Level Up Your Travel Selfies With Anna Cay

In Focus: Level Up Your Travel Selfies With Anna Cay



By Rhea Manila Santos

Traveling, whether by yourself or with friends is a fun way to collect new experiences and widen your worldview. It doesn’t take much to make your trips memorable, as long as you have the right things to help you capture the real and more beautiful side of you. Traveling can also be an inspiring way to get to know yourself and sharpen your selfie skills especially when you have no one to help you get that unforgettable shot! Here, beauty vlogger Anna Cay dishes tips on getting the right vacation pictures and make great memories, thanks to the Oppo F7’s cool selfie secrets.

1. Express Yourself

It’s time to go for more impressively looking selfies that stand out from the rest by personalizing your look and being instantly post-ready in every shot with OPPO’s AR stickers. Bring out your whimsical side by personalizing your selfies, group shots and videos with anything AR that catches your eye, or suits your mood and vibe of the day! fancy. Express yourself more, get creative, and play around with a variety of cool options to choose from like cat ears, flower crowns, dog ears, eye glasses, among others. Stand out from the crowd with irresistibly cute AR stickers that will make you the king or queen of likes on social media.

2. Go Vivid

Watch your selfies come to life with Oppo’s amazing color palette on Vivid Mode. Strike a pose and see yourself at your photogenic best where your face looks naturally beautiful against the enhanced color and vividness saturation of your outfits and backdrop, thanks to AI recognition technology and Oppo’s this innovative Vivid Mode which further brings to life the colors in your photos.

3. Enjoy the Light

Get that sun-kissed glow with facial optimization technology that both enhances and softens your features to make you look more beautiful in an instant. For the best selfies, capture take your photos during sunrise or sunset, the photographer’s “golden hour” when the light is low and most beautiful. Features are first recognized and then beautified individually with OPPO’s improved facial optimization technology tapping on 296 positioning spots. It’s super easy to get that flattering camera-ready glow (like celebrities we love) with the AI Beauty Technology 2.0. 

The OPPO F7 is the must-have smartphone to bring along on your next adventure.  It highlights an elegant back cover and comes with a choice of bold, fashionable colors, making it a genuine style accessory fit for any fashionista. Show your personal style signature by choosing the best F7 color that represents your individuality - Solar Red, Moonlight Silver, or Diamond Black. With OPPO, capture the best memories, capture the real you. 


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