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The Six Fix: Reasons Why Fans Love Red Velvet and EXO's Brother-Sister Relationship

The Six Fix: Reasons Why Fans Love Red Velvet and EXO's Brother-Sister Relationship



We all know that groups who are under the same K-pop agencies treat each other like family. And when it comes to a family’s representation of utmost support and respect for each other, Red Velvet and EXO's relationship is the epitome of this. As much as they look good together, fans know that there’s no malice in their relationship which makes us love them even more!

With their debut dates being two years apart, these two groups have been tight-knit since their trainee days. Despite their busy schedules, we still see their closeness up until now. Here, we have listed the moments that made EXO and Red Velvet the cutest groups together!

1. Their friendship started during their trainee days.

When EXO and Red Velvet were still trainees, they used to practice together in the same room and even spend their breaks together. That's why out of all the K-pop girl groups that EXO is linked to, Red Velvet is EXO-Ls' favorite. There was even a time when EXO and Red Velvet partnered up for Yeri's birthday. Yeri said her sunbaes tricked her to hide in the dark room because they’re setting up a surprise birthday party for her, and it was one of the birthdays she would never forget!

2. They're each other's biggest promoter in every comeback.

Whenever Red Velvet releases a new single, EXO would mention it in their radio guestings and vice versa, showing how much they want each other to succeed. We remember when Red Velvet sang EXO’s “Monster” in their reality show, looking like fangirls who are spazzing over their favorite group! And when EXO members Suho, Chanyeol, and Sehun were seen in Red Velvet's first solo concert, it just showed how much they support each other. We wouldn't be surprised if they have a playlist of each other's singles in their phones!

3. They support each other in every award show. 

Whenever EXO wins, Red Velvet is one of the first groups to stand up and clap for them. Sometimes, there would be a cute interaction wherein they would high-five each other. And whenever Red Velvet performs, EXO wouldn't miss a second to dance to their songs!

4. They're both talented groups.

It's no secret that SM Entertainment is one of the agencies that have the most talented groups, and EXO and Red Velvet are no exceptions. With the two being compared to their sunbaes Super Junior and Girls' Generation, these two groups definitely surpass everyone's expectations. They can do a collaboration together, and no member would be out of place because they would all stand out. It's like a true brother-sister relationship because of their apparent talented genes!

5. EXO takes care of Red Velvet.

Something that fans love the most about EXO is how they take good care of their dongsaengs especially Red Velvet who's currently the youngest girl group in SM Entertainment. One of our favorite moments is when D.O. guided the girls towards the exit of the stage during a certain music show! There was also a time when Red Velvet was standing at the back during the outro of an award show, and EXO pulled them to the front. Red Velvet is definitely EXO's little sisters!

6. Suho may as well be Red Velvet's sixth member!

If you've been watching these two groups since their debut, you know how much Suho loves Red Velvet to the point that fans even labeled him as the group's sixth member. There was never a time when Suho was not seen fanboying over Red Velvet whenever they perform. You would see him dancing or singing along to the whole song. He once stood up and danced to Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” when the group won an award which made his members comically pull him out of the scene. SM Entertainment, it looks like Suho debuted in the wrong group!

Do you love these two groups together, too? Let us know in the comments below! 

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