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Cheat Sheet: Every K-Pop Comeback To Watch Out For This Month

Cheat Sheet: Every K-Pop Comeback To Watch Out For This Month



By Mikka Caronan

Time flies so fast as we are now on the second half of the year. Although some of our favorite K-pop groups have provided us with exciting tunes during the first half of 2018, well, here’s another round of good news for you: more groups and artists will be making a comeback this month of June!

From WANNA ONE to BLACKPINK, here’s a list of confirmed comebacks to look forward to!

1. WJMK, June 1


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WJSN’s Seola and Luda, and Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon and Choi Yoojung team up for a collaboration song entitled Strong.

2. WANNA ONE, June 4


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After the success of their second album 0+1=1 (I Promise You), our boys will return with their special album 1÷x=1 (Undivided). The group will also have project units to collaborate with Zico, Dynamic Duo, Heize, and Nell.

3. Yubin, June 5


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The legendary Yubin, a former Wonder Girls member, will come back as a solo artist with her mini album City Woman.

4. Fromis_9, June 5

Fromis_9 is scheduled to come back for their second mini album To. Day on June 5th.

5. A.C.E, June 7


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As MIXNINE’s debut is cancelled, A.C.E. will return with their repackaged album, Adventures in Wonderland. Though Chan won’t be joining them during their promotions, we're still super excite for this comeback!

6. ONF, June 7

ONF will also come back with all seven members due to the cancellation of MIXNINE’s debut.

7. Shinee, June 11 & 25

Following their first music video, The Story of Light Ep. 1, episodes 2 and 3 will be released on June 11th and 25th respectively.

8. BLACKPINK, June 15


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After another delay, YG finally confirmed BLACKPINK’s comeback date for their 1st mini album Square Up! They also released their official lightstick which was designed by the members. BLINKS, who's ready to grab one?

9. BTOB, June 18

BTOB is ready to capture our hearts once again with their 11th mini album entitled This Is Us!

10. MOMOLAND, June 26


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Shinsadong Tiger, the producer of their hit song "Bboom Bboom" will also produce their comeback song! They are also planning to hold a world tour this year. ~OMOOO~ Who else is excited for another dance craze?

With all these comebacks lined up for this month alone, we're pretty sure we won't be running out of fresh music to listen to on loop! Are you ready for a new set of playlist?

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