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Daily Diaries: Things You Unconsciously Do Once You're Over Someone

Daily Diaries: Things You Unconsciously Do Once You're Over Someone



The aftermath of a breakup could take a while before you get yourself back to normal once again. There would be days where you thought you're finally over it, and some where the heart-wrenching pain comes back. It's really hard to figure out if you're truly over someone, especially when you're not sure whether you're already feeling okay or just pretending to.

But after a period of healing has passed, you'll start doing things that could signal that you've already moved on. Here, we list down the tell tale signs that mean you're finally better off on your own. 

1. You stop trying to prove everyone that you've moved on.

As much as we hate to admit it, the times when your conversation with other people consists of an hour or two of you explaining how you got over your ex does not actually prove that you are. It actually means that you're far from being over. So when talking about how you've moved on doesn't interest you that much anymore, that's a good sign that you're finally done with it!

2. You can share your breakup story without feeling any sadness about it.

If you’re still acting strange and refuse to admit that it happened, people would know the truth no matter how hard you try to prove that you’re already okay. Once you realize that you’re ready to admit to others that your ex doesn't love you, started loving someone else, or things didn't work out the way you wanted, you've finally passed through the acceptance stage.

3. Stalking them is neither as exciting nor hurtful anymore.

Once you're over someone, you don’t feel the need to check on their lives anymore. You feel indifferent to their social media presence, and you no longer feel bitter or left behind whenever you see an update about their life on your feed. You start allowing them and yourself to carry on without each other. 

4. You don't mind seeing them again.

In the midst of a breakup, there's a part of you that hopes you'll run into them and another that wishes you won't because you might have the urge to beg them to come back. But when you unconsciously feel that seeing them doesn't bother you anymore, then take that as a sign that you're finally over them. You may not want to be the best of friends with them, but if ever circumstances suddenly brought you and your ex together, it won't make you go nuts at all.

5. They're not the first and last person you think about during the day.

When you're in love with someone, thinking about them is common since the thought of them makes you happy. That’s why once it’s over, it becomes hard to stop because you got so used to it already. And accepting that you're technically not allowed to think about them anymore adds up to your punched-gut feeling. But once you've moved on, they don't even cross your mind more than once.

6. You genuinely feel happy about their accomplishments.

After a breakup, it's normal to feel bitter when you see your ex having fun and accomplishing things without you. While you're mourning, they're acing their exams, winning competitions, and traveling the world. But once you're over them, you may even start to feel happy about how well they're doing. Instead of wishing their lives to be miserable, you focus on making your grass greener.

7. You don't use dating as a way to forget them, but just to meet someone new.

Whether we admit it or not, during the first few weeks of our moving on process, we'd think that dating someone new could help us forget our ex. But the truth is that it only made us hang on to our past more. When dating has become something you really want to do for yourself, not because you want to prove a point, then that's a sign that you're moving on in a healthy way!

8. You don't have anything to tell them anymore.

The things that you wanted to tell them when you broke up don't seem important to you now. As a matter of fact, you already forgot most of the things you wanted unload to them before. Sometimes, you forget how the relationship made you feel, too, since looking at them feels like looking at a stranger you once knew. But if you were given a chance to say something to your ex, the only thing that you would say is that you wish for them to be happy.

But what makes it easier to move on is admitting how you're truly feeling inside instead of pretending that you're doing fine on the outside. From there, you'll start healing the right way, and before you know it, you're finally done and over with that phase in your life. 

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