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In Focus: K-Dramas That Will Motivate You While You're Looking For A Job

In Focus: K-Dramas That Will Motivate You While You're Looking For A Job



Whether you graduated with honors or not, job-hunting is something we have all experienced and struggled with. It's not as simple as looking for a position that you want to apply for because even if you fit the requirements, there's still a possibility that the company may decide not to move forward with your application. One of the biggest challenges during this is maintaining your motivation to continue after being rejected. Sadly, this wouldn't happen only once. It will test your confidence, but the number one thing that you shouldn't do is to take it personal.

During this journey, no one is really certain when they would be finally employed. What we're sure of is you can revive this motivation with a great drama to watch, a drama that would inspire you to keep moving forward no matter how hard it is. Here, we listed the K-dramas that helped us stay motivated during the start of our career that we're certain would help you, too! 

1. She Was Pretty (2015)

This is the K-drama that definitely captured the reality of a job search. Kim Hye Jin was a popular and pretty girl when she was young. But because of her family's financial problems, she became the breadwinner which caused her to forget to take care of herself. The drama starts with her struggling to look for a job because of her physical appearance and limited skills. Whether we like it or not, looks do play a part when it comes to making an impression in the working environment. Throughout the drama, we saw how Hye Jin grew as an employee by picking up new skills and building confidence, while proving to the world that her career shouldn't be determined by her looks and social status. She showed us that you shouldn't give up easily just because you feel unappreciated. At the end of the day, your hard work would always pay off!

2. While You Were Sleeping (2017)

While You Were Sleeping revolves around Hong Joo and Jae Chan who see the future deaths of other people in their dreams. But aside from its fantasy slant, the drama also showed us that there's no such thing as an easy way to reach your dream job than passion and perseverance. Hong Joo was a stellar journalist, but because of her dream where she saw how she would die while at work, she quit. However, even after she started working for her mother's restaurant, she still couldn't stop thinking about the days when she was working for a big broadcasting company. In the end, her haunting dream didn’t stop her from pursuing her passion. Hong Joo taught us that a job that makes you happy is a job that you shouldn't let go despite your fears!

3. Fight My Way (2017)

Fight My Way is the most relatable K-drama that talks about the struggle of trying to fit in the job that you desire. This drama showed us the sad reality that some people’s dream job changes overtime because no one actually has full control of where they would end up in their career. Dong Man was a famous taekwondo player who quit because of an unfortunate event that involves her little sister but still dreams of going back. His best friend Choi Ae Ra is working in the information desk of a department store but has a lifelong dream of becoming an announcer. Unlike Dong Man who already had a taste of his dream but chose to quit, Choi Ae Ra is struggling to reach hers. In the end, their perseverance led them to a successful career, even if it's not actually what they expected. From achieving your dream career to showing that having real friends is a necessity for success, this K-drama is for every struggling millennial out there! 

4. Doctor Crush (2016)

Doctor Crush is a romance and medical K-drama that follows Yoo Hye Jung who became a doctor when her grandmother passed away due to a failed surgery. Throughout the drama, we saw Hye Jung overcome her anger and insecurities and grow into a young, compassionate doctor who always makes sure her patients got the right treatment that they deserve. Here, we saw what it really takes to become a doctor and the challenges they faced that we don't see as patients. There's no doubt that every job has its own advantages and disadvantages. This drama taught us that when we're looking for a job, we should not only look for something that would give us the life that we want, but also on that would serve as our purpose.  

5. Radiant Office (2017)

Radiant Office is a rom-com drama that shows what it feels like to be repeatedly rejected during your job hunt as experienced by 28-year-old Eun Ho Won. That's the sad reality of building your career path—some never stop trying until they get one, while others simply lose hope. When she was taken to the hospital due to her suicide attempt, she discovered that she might be terminally-ill along with two other guys who also tried to kill themselves. It's fate that they all met up and were told that one of them might potentially die in 6 months. With this knowledge, Eun Ho Won looked at life with a new perspective since she has nothing to lose anymore. After finally landing a job, she was determined to live her life to the fullest, never letting anyone, even her terrible bosses, get in the way. Whether you're currently looking for a job or already have one, Eun Ho Won showed us what we all should be at work: someone who takes care of their job like there’s a time bomb. When it explodes, you have no regrets because you know you gave your best.

Which K-drama can you relate to the most? Let us know!

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