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In Focus: Things BLINKs Do While Waiting For BLACKPINK's Comeback

In Focus: Things BLINKs Do While Waiting For BLACKPINK's Comeback



If you've not been active in the K-pop scene for the past year, let us enlighten you about the girl group that's currently making their way to becoming the new K-pop Queens! BLACKPINK is a four-member girl group under YG Entertainment that consists of Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo. Just like every group, BLACKPINK also has a huge following, their fandom is called BLINKs—a combination of the words "black" and "pink."

After they released their single "As If It's Your Last" in June 2017 as a gift for BLINKs while they prepare for their first EP Square Up, the fandom eagerly waited for their official comeback in the same year. After much teasing, we finally got a confirmed release date of their comeback which is June 15th!

The question is, what did the BLINKs do during their waiting game? Whether you've been a BLINK since their debut or not, you know how hard it is to stan BLACKPINK. Stanning them may be a struggle, but it's definitely worth it! Here, we listed the things BLINKs do while waiting for their comeback.

1. Watch their music videos and performances multiple times.

With BLACKPINK only having five singles since 2016, we can say that fans are already in the brink of their deprivation. From their hit debut song "Boombayah" to their upbeat song "As If It's Your Last", fans have already memorized every word and choreo of the songs from watching every music video and performance of the group since this the only way they could support them while they're on hiatus. BLINKs do admit that they’re already tired from listening to their five singles again and again, but what can they do? The world of K-pop is currently BLACKPINK-less. Well, at least, doing this can add up to the views!

2. They're always on their social media accounts, waiting for updates.

Their agency YG Entertainment is known for limiting their groups to guest on variety shows so when the only thing that you can get updates about them is through their social media accounts, it's no surprise that BLINKs are always on the look-out for updates especially the international BLINKs who can only watch them from their computer screen. That's why every time a member posts a picture or an announcement, excited is an understatement when it comes to what the BLINKs are feeling! Really, how long should they wait?

3. They attending every BLINKs gathering in their country.

When you're waiting for your favorite group's comeback, it's nice to know that you're not going through this deprivation alone. The fandom would talk about how amazing it is to be a fan of BLACKPINK and spazz hardcore, but most of them would rant since they've been promised for a comeback multiple times already! Still, the support will remain. It's like being in an on-off relationship with someone that you're tired of waiting for, but you still continue to wait. That's how much BLINKs love this group!

4. They support other girl groups.

What makes BLACKPINK's fandom one of the best ones ever is how they support other girl groups while waiting for BLACKPINK's comeback instead of trying to tear each other apart. It's no secret that the group is friends with other girl groups like Red Velvet and TWICE, so it's good to see that their fandoms are friends, too. BLACKPINK is proud of you, BLINKs!

5. Everything the girls do, they assume it's a sign of their comeback.

From changing their hair colors to fansite photos of them filming something, BLINKs immediately assume everything they do is for their comeback. Most of the time, their fan gut instincts are right, but sometimes they're wrong. But who can blame the BLINKs? They've been waiting for a teaser since BLACKPINK announced that they would release an album!

6. They imagine what the sound of their new music would be like.

K-pop songs are known for being catchy yet meaningful. It could sound so sweet but talk about heartbreak, or it could be mellow but talk about dreams. When they're listening to other girl groups' songs, they would sometimes imagine it as a BLACKPINK song, asking themselves, “How will BLACKPINK sing this?” BLINKs have been daydreaming nonstop about the group's new songs, hoping that they're different from what everyone is expecting!

Are you as excited as us for BLACKPINK's comeback this June 15? Spread the BLINK love in the comments below! 

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