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The Six Fix: K-Dramas That Are So Good They Deserve A Second Season

The Six Fix: K-Dramas That Are So Good They Deserve A Second Season



Happy endings are always a must for us when it comes to watching Korean dramas. You know, those that close the plot with the male and female leads comming, problems getting resolved, and bad guys turning good. But as much as we hope for that satisfaction, some are out to ruin us with loose ends and unanswered questions that will haunt us forever.

Open-ended stories do work at times. But often, it is a shame not to see the story wrap up in a way that we're hoping to. But since we can no longer change the endings of our favorite K-dramas, working on a sequel might do us justice after going on a roller coaster of emotions only to be heartbroken in the end. Here, we list down the dramas that we think deserve a sequel with an ending that could appease our longing hearts:

1. Cheese In The Trap

This 2016 webtoon adaptation gave us so much drama. It follows the story of unlikely couple Hong Seol and Jung Yoo who ended up away from each other as Jung decided to fix his own problems first, not wanting Seol to experience any more pain he might cause. 3 years later, Seol received an email from her senior. Now what? How will their meeting go? Did Jung really changed? How will they make up for the time that they were separated? The answers to these questions, we deserve to know.

2. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

When it comes tearjerkers, this historical drama takes the cake. The finale is marked by Hae Soo’s death and leaving her child behind to 14th prince Wang Jung. She later returned to the present time and Wang So, the love of her life, was left alone in the palace and promised to find Soo whichever world she is in. Despite Soo’s memories of her time travelling adventure coming back to her, we still want answers if So will ever find her. Will they meet again in the past or will So be reincarnated in the present? And will Soo’s child happen to discover that her real father is So? We do hope so.

3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Marriage for endings may sure be a little overused, but can you blame us if we can’t get enough of the NamLee couple? This romantic teen drama probably has the most perfect storyline and ending we could ask for–Kim Bok Joo, Jung Joon Hyung and friends graduating together, getting into the national teams, and Bok Joo winning the gold medal. Nonetheless, since we’re obsessive and pretty abusado, we want more feel-good moments with this cast! It’s just so sad not to see their married life, right? How about more of Tae Kwon and Seon Ok’s romance? SWAG!

4. Goblin: The Lonely And Great God

In this highly-acclaimed drama, the wondering revolves around all the major and minor characters. The concluding scenes may have put them in what the writers thought to be an end game for all with Sunny bidding goodbye to Grim Reaper as his greatest punishment and then reuniting as two different persons in the distant future. Eun Tak, on the other hand, was reborn and later found the Goblin to be his first and last bride. But what comes after? Will the Goblin forever stay as immortal? What goes after Eun Tak’s remaining lives end? Will Sunny and Grim Reaper’s past be totally overlooked? And the most important question of all: where is Deok Hwa? We could only hope he’s not abusing his credit card!

5. My Love From The Star

The show’s Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi have a come a long way to make their own destiny happen. After 400 years of residing on Earth, Do Min Joon got his chance to go home to the star he came from but falling in love with Song Yi drew his desire to stay. However, with a departure that’s inevitable, he vanished along with his promise to come back no matter what it takes. Despite Do Min Joon's fleeting success to return here and there, we’re curious, will this process go on? It would give us peace to know that the two can defeat their cosmic ambiguities, so we can't help but pray for a sequel!

6. Remember: War Of The Son

Justice served in the name of Jin Woo’s late father, antagonists declared guilty of their crimes, lawyers learned the value of fair judgments – all is well in this 2015 drama until Jin Woo went away from his people because he doesn’t want him suffering from Alzheimer’s disease get in their ways. How do they expect us to move on from that misfortune? It’s game over for our emotions when female lead Lee In Ah bumped into Jin Woo, but the latter can’t remember her anymore and she just continued to follow him from behind with a smile on her face. What motivates her to smile in that situation? Will she keep watching over him? Will his other friends go on pretending that they don’t know him, just as he wishes, or will the time arrive when they have to make him remember? The story was brilliant, yes, but we could still use some sort of closure to this. Please?

It's inevitable to want a sequel especially if we felt too attached to a certain drama and its lead cast. How about you, which K-Drama do you think will have a better ending if it lands a part two?

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