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Hot Stuff: Pinoy Model-Cum-YouTuber LA Aguinaldo On Interviewing, Yep, The 'Avengers' Cast!

Hot Stuff: Pinoy Model-Cum-YouTuber LA Aguinaldo On Interviewing, Yep, The 'Avengers' Cast!

In the heat of the much-praised Avengers: Infinity War and the anticipation surrounding Deadpool 2 as it hits theaters soon, I find my geeky self on envying my good friend LA Aguinaldo. LA is better known previously as a model, vlogger, and social media influencer, until he reached “showbiz journalist” status—at least on my radar—with his latest vlog featuring the Infinity Wars cast. In the following video (receiving more than 200,000 views as of last peek) he posted on YouTube last April 21, the lucky social media hot property spliced his interviews with movie director Joe Russo and producer Trinh Tran, Karen Gillan (Nebula), and Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange). I chatted him off his busy jet-setting schedule on his lucky break with these Hollywood names!

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Was this interview with a Hollywood celeb your first time?
"This is my very first one-on-one sit-down interview with Hollywood celebrities, so the feeling was definitely exhilarating. It was electric! I was so nervous that before the interview, I was psyching myself up in the waiting room toilet, telling myself 'I could do it!' like an athlete before a championship game!"

What came to your mind when you received the news of you doing the interview?
"Very thankful that Globe in partnership with Disney invited me to attend both the press screening and red carpet premiere of the movie in Singapore. It was a weekend full of Marvel activities that I would never ever forget!"

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Are you a more of a Marvel fan or DC fan?
"Well, I remember very vividly on my second birthday, my mom dressed me up as Captain America, and since then I guess you could say I grew up a Marvel fan! Growing up, I’ve watched countless cartoons and one of my favorite was Batman Beyond. Plus when Christopher Nolan came out with the Dark Knight trilogy, how can you not weigh that in? Both have their unique style and story plots, but at the end of the day both Marvel and DC have the same goal, which is to empower each and every fan!"

Do you have a favorite Avenger?
Definitely Spiderman because I relate with him the most!

Tell us about the Avengers cast off cam.
"Wow. All of them were super accommodating and friendly. Karen Gillan—after discovering that it was my very first interview—made me feel at home and was super enthusiastic the whole time. I have to admit, I was most nervous when I interviewed her because not only is she a very talented actress but also has one of the cutest smiles I’ve seen as well. If I (were) a superhero, one of my weaknesses would definitely be amber-haired women! Interviewing Executive Producer Trinh Tran and Director Joe Russo was an exciting moment for me because they are the ones behind orchestrating one of the most ambitious crossover movies in Marvel history and to do that, you really have to have a lot of foresight and planning. So I interviewed them about the movie magic that took place. Ben Cumberbatch was a really great interview and he was really keen on answering questions and giving his thoughts about the world. A real interesting guy!

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So, how did the interview go?
"It was held at the Presidential Suite at the Marina Bay Sands and I had five minutes each with all of them. It was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences in my life. (After the interview), I felt great and blessed that I had the opportunity to interview these actors. A huge milestone for me as a YouTuber!"

Any Avengers cast secret you wanna spill to us?
"A lot of things did go on before our interviews, small chats, and pleasantries. I invited Benedict Cumberbatch to the Philippines and invited him to Palawan specifically and made him say the word so he would never forget. ‘Pah-lah-wan!’"

It feels like yesterday when I was just booking you for a quick shoot! I guess you’ve fallen in love with vlogging, huh?
"I guess the magic of vlogging is that you’re taking your audience to your current situation and sharing with them your own experience within a certain place or event. Plus, I really just love making videos and I’m zoned in every time I edit. I just love the whole process!"

What’s your next vlog about? Got bigger plans for your vlog?

"The goal has always been daily vlogging. I shoot, produce, and edit everything on my channel and I’m currently finding the most sustainable workflow that could help me achieve daily vlogging. Soon."

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