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In Focus: What To Remember During Job Hunting By Physics Grad-Turned-Journo Atom Araullo

In Focus: What To Remember During Job Hunting By Physics Grad-Turned-Journo Atom Araullo

You made it! You just graduated—and you’re probably packing for a vacation, on a "soul search" trying to figure out what you want to do with your life. Or both. Choosing careers after college is not a piece of cake, as it comes with a game of doubt and uncertainties. Take Atom Araullo, for example—a graduate of Applied Physics who ended up in the field of journalism and a little recently, acting via Citizen Jake. “I was just given the opportunity to become a reporter and then I said ‘Why not?’ It became more interesting, challenges became greater, and before I knew it, I was already a few years in so I thought to myself: ‘Well, I guess I found my calling,’” he shared with us at the shoot of his newest commercial #CheriferPremium. What advice does he have for fresh grads who are about to break into the real world? Check the following out!

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Don’t be afraid to take risks and fail. “There will be a lot of failures along the way. Life is just a collection of setbacks until we find our true calling and what we stand for,” the journalist revealed. “Life is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Don’t fuss too much about the small hiccups in your journey.” 

It’s okay to take detours. It might lead to something interesting like what happened to him, it might not, but at least you know you tried, said Atom.

Find a good balance between your dream job and a high-paying job. “Money isn’t everything but it helps sustain the work that we do, it helps sustain our passions,” he said, adding that the most important thing is getting a job where you can see reasonable growth in and use your talents.

Atom on the set of his upcoming commercialAtom on the set of his upcoming commercial for #CheriferPremium

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Any job is a challenge. It’s essential to show the kind of grit that’s necessary to become better at your job. “Wala namang ideal job na chill-chill ka lang, babayaran ka, eh.” If you consistently persevere, you will learn a lot of things and be prepared for the bigger obstacles that are sure to come along.

Don’t use others’ definition of success as a metric of how well you are doing. Atom stressed, “You have to be able to know what’s important to you and what you think is a measure of success.” Focus on yourself and your journey—you’ll be suprised by how much braver, wiser, and better you can be.

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