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I Love My Job: This Pinay Found Her Home in Del Monte

 I Love My Job: This Pinay Found Her Home in Del Monte

In 1972, consultant Ann Pozon started her career in Del Monte Philippines, Inc. (DMPI) as part of her accounting course’s requirements. With a father who has worked in the same company for 38 years, she first thought she’d work elsewhere to “broaden her horizon.” But upon hearing his father’s advice that “Del Monte is the ultimate employer who takes care of its employees,” the conversation was pretty much over. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The First Generation

1947: Honorato and Salud in Camp 12         
1957: Ann and her dad, Honorato, in Camp 12

Ann’s father, Honorato Salazar, served the company as a Plantation Land Preparation Head. He was in charge of preparing the pineapple fields and building new roads that sprawled across the property. In the almost four decades he has served Del Monte, he found it inevitable to occassionally bring his family at work, exposing them especially his daughter Ann to pineapples in her youth. Honorato officially retired in 1971, but continued serving the company as a consultant for 10 more years.

The Next Generation

1972: Ann with the Internal Auditors
2003: Ann’s son, Paolo, with DM Visayas Sales

A year after her Honorato left Del Monte, Ann joined the company. She was then a senior in college. She worked there for 41 years, taking on 12 different assignments over time—from working as a computer programmer and systems analyst, to being the Exports Director. Ann finally retired in 2013, but just like her dad, she decided to continue serving the company as a consultant. Ann’s son, Paolo, also had a short stint with MIS and Sales in 2001 before running his own business.

Life At Del Monte

2001: Ann’s dad on his 90th birthday
2018: Ann with the Europe commercial team and COO

Ann believes her own family is a true testament of how Del Monte takes care of its employees. Aside from nurturing communities with their incomparable compensation and benefits, such as medical care, retirement plan, access to cooperatives, housing and utilities, Ann finds great fulfillment in the challenges brought to her by her work assignments. She also finds joy in the kindness of her colleagues, plus the trust and compassion of DMPI’s leadership. For her, these are the things that has made her and her family stay with the company for a long time. Del Monte truly nourishes generations, she declares.

Championing together. Ownership with Integrity. Excellence in Everything We Do.
Nourishing families.
Enriching lives.
Every day.

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