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Style Inspo: How Andi Manzano Redefines Mommy Style With Her Own Charmer—Baby Olivia!

Style Inspo: How Andi Manzano Redefines Mommy Style With Her Own Charmer—Baby Olivia!

We've been following Andi Manzano-Reyes' success ever since she was a radio DJ and host. Now that she's a vlogger and a mom to the Instagram famous Baby Olivia, our fascination with the ageless Andi only grew further! She admits how motherhood has changed her style up from sporty-kikay to a cozier, more kid-friendly one. Say, she prefers pairing her casual clothes with simple jewelry rather than going all-out in trendy fashion. Hey, to each her own, right?

Here, the Pampers momdorser gives us a few tips on how to look modest and practical while still looking stylish. Plus, more of her styling formulae for her adorable daughter!

How would you describe your style?
“Well, I would always go for being comfortable more than being stylish, so I would find basic caps and just make it match-and-wear like a little bit. Like for example a plain top that I mix it with a more stylish bottom so I don't really like go overboard—unless I really have to so. If you look at my closet, it's more neutral colors, you'll rarely see me in color actually. It is only in events when I have to, right? But yeah my style is more of the basic, more on the comfortable and just a little accessories and you just try to be stylish with that.” 

Was this because you became a mother or is that really your style?
“I think this is my style. Well I think it evolved because before I was very sporty, and then when I grew up, I became a little more kikay, adding little touches of jewelry and all that. But since I became a mom, it just really been ‘you gotta dress up in 5 mins or less’ like you just gotta pull out whatever you have and make just do with it. I think it just changed through the years but you kinda know what you're gonna wear already.”

Can you give us three tips on how to dress up that fast?
“Wear black, the safest really is to wear black and have a pair of shoes that you're comfortable with that you could wear with anything—whether it's the mules or if you want just white sneakers and have a nice pair of jeans that you could pair with anything. You could just have one nice pair of jeans and you're happy already, so just have that and then find the basic and complete the basics. Sometimes I have like a basic top but I have all the colors so at least I'll just do the color combo na lang rather than thinking of what to wear, you just mix and match with colors."

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In terms of your daughter's clothes, is that the same principle?
“No that's very different. With her, I get to experiment more because that's fun. At least for them, that's where my lack of color comes in. It goes to her, it's fun because when we travel, you have to mix and match your clothes and she has so much clothes because a lot of people also give her clothes. That's where the fun part is and she's a girl. With the shoes, with the clips.”

Does Olivia get to choose her outfit?
"She's doesn't really pick her clothes because when I go to her closet I show her two outfits [and then] I ask her ‘What do you want, this or this?’ So she'll pick but when it comes to her clothes she's like, all her shoes kasi are lined up so she'll be like, ‘This one, this one’ and she loves jewelry so she's more of shoes and jewelry."

How do you balance having her choose her clothes plus what you need her to wear?
“She's not naman so hard, she's not yet in that stage where she demands his one, this one or she's gonna cry. Parang I just try to distract her or convince her like this is red, so this has to be red. She's not hard to dress up yet because she does not complain about it, wala pa siya dun.”

Do you do twinning?
“Rarely, but if its just the basic she wears maong jacket, I wear maong jacket, but not really the full on twinning, parang we haven't really done it yet, but we did bathing suit twice.”

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