5 Ways to make your House Safe from Crimes

5 Ways to make your House Safe from Crimes

As the saying goes, anything bad can happen, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Crimes such as robberies can happen anywhere, even at home. With house-related robberies happening once in a while, it is important to do measures in making your own homes safe from any bad elements outside.

Security is something that every household owner should invest on. Meg Imperial still remembers how their house was robbed twice while they are at home, and she has learned from both incidents the importance of home security in relation to protecting not just her personal belongings, but the welfare of her loved ones. Here are some ways one can keep their homes safe from possible crimes.

Always lock your doors, even if you are at home

Starting with the basics, it is very important that you keep all of your house doors locked, especially your gates, main doors, and back doors, whether you are away or at home. For one, this is a sure way robbers would have a hard time entering your house.

Meg Imperial still remembers at how their house was robbed not just once, but twice. “My mom was sleeping on the couch tapos may pumasok from the back door, tapos kinuha yun bag niya [my mom],” Meg recounted. Meg lost her guitar while Meg’s mother lost her bag, which contained her talent fee and several IDs, but thankfully they were able to recover her mom’s bag eventually.

After the incident, Meg now makes sure that their doors are locked every time someone leaves the house.

Be observant and mindful

As crimes happen often at night, it is important to remain vigilant and observant even at home.

In addition, when you have house helpers at home, it is important to tell them never tell visitors on their whereabouts, the contents of their house, and other sensitive information especially if you and your loved ones are not around to check who is at the gate.

Kung sino man yun nagtatanong, ‘wag nang sabihin kung saan ka nakatira, or kung ano ang mga bagay na nasa loob ng bahay mo,” Meg advised.

Avoid having a daily pattern at home

In addition to telling your house help not to say anything about your whereabouts or belongings at home, it is also important to not create a daily pattern that can make robbers have an easier time invading your home.

Kasi kapag may pattern ka, naoobservahan nila yan, and eventually dun sila aatake,” Meg emphasized.

Having dogs is a good investment

Man’s best friend is a top choice for pets, and they can also act as an extra wall of security for your house as they can alert the owner should the see or smell anything suspicious.

With Meg’s case, their dogs are placed near the front of their house so that they can be notified easily should their dogs sense something different.

Installing CCTV cameras is also a good investment

Having CCTV equipment installed at your home may be a bit expensive, but we all know how these cameras help in identifying criminals and suspicious movement in buildings, and that it plays a major role in solving most crimes nowadays.

As part of investing in security, Meg plans to invest on high definition CCTV cameras so that they can have an easier time identifying suspects should a robbery incident happen again at their home.


We all know how hard it is to build a house for yourself and your family. Also, it is important to make sure your loved ones are safe from bad elements. After all, it is better to be prepared than to be sorry in the end should such crimes occur at home.




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