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In Focus: Things You Can Relate To When You're Moving To A New Apartment

In Focus: Things You Can Relate To When You're Moving To A New Apartment



Moving into a new apartment is an overwhelming adventure. It's fun when you spend your whole day buying new home decorations and scouting new places to hang out in. But the thing that's overwhelming is realizing how little time you have when it comes to the moving process!

Packing all your stuff from your old apartment and organizing it into your new one isn't as fun and easy as you may think it to be especially when it consumes a huge chunk of your time. Here, we listed the things that you could absolutely relate once you're moving into a new apartment:

1. You realize how much stuff you have in your old apartment.

Looking back at the time you moved into your old apartment, you would remember how little stuff you brought in. And the longer you stayed there, there's obviously more that you've accumulated. And now that you're packing things up, the need for more and more boxes is surprising you! And while you're at it, the thought of unboxing once you get to your new home is simply dreading!


2. You'll need to make a positive first impression again.

A new apartment also means a new neighbor, and, sometimes, it also means a new roommate! You try to make sure that you don't give them a bad impression as much as possible since you'll be living close to them, and it's never fun to have a misunderstanding with a neighbor or a roomie. Introducing yourself and getting familiar with the new faces around would remind you of your first few days at a new job or school!

3. Your friends and family won't be used to your new address. 

The moment you officially move into your new apartment, the first thing that you actually have to do is update your friends and family with your new address. Unfortunately, just because they know it, it doesn't mean they'll memorize it right away. There would be times that they'll tell you that they'll visit you and end up waiting outside of your old apartment. As funny as it sounds, you yourself may even follow the route to your old apartment during the first few weeks!

4. You have to get your decorating game back. 

Shopping for house decor could be fun especially if your new apartment is nothing like your old one. From things to hang on the wall to house plants, decorating your place could be exciting and therapeutic as the same time. After all, there's nothing like coming home to a new, aesthetically pleasing space that you can completely call your own!

5. There would come a time that you'll miss your old apartment.

This is something most of us experience when it comes to change. Sometimes, when we got so used to staying at a certain place or hanging out in certain spots, it's hard to think that we won't be able to spend our days there any longer. And if you have a roommate in your old apartment that you're close to, there's a huge chance that you'll miss them, too. And if this is the case, now you have an excuse to actually visit your previous home every now and then!

Now that you're moving to a new place, we hope you get rid of the jitters soon, start making new memories, and feel right at home!

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