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In Focus: Why BTS' Jungkook Is The Most Savage 'Maknae'

In Focus: Why BTS' Jungkook Is The Most Savage 'Maknae'



When you're the youngest member of a K-pop group, you're called the "maknae." And being the baby of the group, some may expect these maknaes to be the most polite out of everyone. However, this is not the same case for everyone. 

Maknaes have now become the most clever when it comes to doing silly things and pulling pranks, and Jeon Jungkook of BTS is definitely the best at that! His members have dubbed him as the "Golden Maknae" because he can pretty much do anything including making them laugh with his savagery. Here, we listed the reasons why his members and fans describe him as the most savage maknae ever! 

1. Most of the time, he doesn't act like the maknae.

As the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook definitely doesn't act like the maknae. There are times when his members treat him like a baby, but he always finds a way to act against it, making it seem like he's the oldest. One of these is his habit of carrying his hyungs just to throw them at the pool or slapping their butt in front of cameras–that's how random this savage maknae is! He's also one of the tallest members of BTS, so he doesn't actually seem like the baby!


2. He bullies his hyungs

In every backstage footage we have of BTS, there's always a playful Jungkook bullying his hyungs especially their eldest member Jin, who's actually five years older than him! He had put a trophy on his head, made fun of him being old, and told him that the only reason they call him handsome is because they're on live television which made Jin comically walk out—something only Jungkook could do TBH! Either way, Jungkook and his hyungs' bickering moments just makes the group even more lively and adorable!


3. When he's the one being pranked, he always gets back at them. 

It's already a given fact in the fandom that when you mess with Jungkook, you have to be sure you're ready for your "punishment" since he's not one to back down! Remember that time when V threw a huge ball at Jungkook while he was sleeping at the gym mat or when Jin threw a snowball at him? We saw V and Jin's scared faces before they ran away from Jungkook, which means they definitely know what's to come after what they did! 

4. He's good at mimicking his members.

One of the things Jungkook does to annoy his hyungs is by doing impressions of their embarassing moments. He once mimicked V's dance to their song "Run," and that definitely made the latter punch our playful boy! He could also imitate the way Jimin talks, and it's funny because it's too accurate!

5. He always gets a way out of his silly antics.

Other groups' maknaes might get punished by their hyungs if they ever insult them. But somehow, Jungkook always gets away with it! We all know about how Koreans use honorifics and a formal tone when speaking to someone who's older than them. But Jungkook would sometimes go against this rule like that one time when he told Jimin to be quiet. We're not sure if his members just got used to his antics or they just really love their maknae!

Who's your favorite maknae? Are they as  adorably crazy as Jungkook is?

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