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Hot Stuff: This Careline Lip Gloss Is All You Need To Look Extra On The Daily

Hot Stuff: This Careline Lip Gloss Is All You Need To Look Extra On The Daily



On campus, while others prefer to standout with wild prints and patterns, or even daring slits and necklines, you can go another route to grab the right kind of attention. And you don’t have to go overboard with piles of makeup! Just a clean swipe of Careline Extra Shine Lipgloss (P85) does the trick to transform you from a wallflower to the girl everyone wants to get to know.  

Here are more reasons why the Careline Extra Shine Lipgloss is a must-have in your school bag. 

1. Make it your own
Even in your uniforms that are bland and boring, your bright personality can shine through with just the right shade. If you want to go “sweet and demure,” swipe on this lipgloss over a bare lip. If you want that extra pop of drama, top off your custom lipstick shades with this shiny gloss. 


2. The full effect
Achieve the look of afuller lip thanks to Careline Extra Shine lipgloss. The subtle sheen captures the light and creates the illusion of a rounder and more youthful pout. 

3. Softer and heathier lips
More than just making your lips look youthful, this lipgloss actually takes care of your pout. It’s infused with Vitamin E that makes your lips feel softer and more supple. Use it every day and see the change!

4. Say no to ick
Others glosses may feel thick and sticky, but not Careline Extra Shine! It’ unique formula blends seamlessly and offers a nice silky sheen. 

5. Never boring
Even if the Careline Extra Shine Lipglos applies on sheer, you can enjoy the different subtleties of color and shine with its diverse range which now boasts 12 sweet shades. Explore your style and mix and match for a beauty look that’s all your own! 


Say yes to a brighter, more mesmerizing smile with Careline!

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