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Love Actually: So, How Have Billy Crawford And Coleen Garcia Been On Their First Month Married?

Love Actually: So, How Have Billy Crawford And Coleen Garcia Been On Their First Month Married?

When asked about their fave memory of each other, newly-wed Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia had the same moment to share—and it’s expectedly from their wedding day last April 20 at Balesin Island Club. Billy revealed at the #SMBeautyPlayground event, “My favorite memory of her so far is her walking down the aisle.” For Coleen, it’s seeing him shed tears of joy at that point in time. “He was crying the whole time I was walking down the aisle!"

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The two (whose wedding and prenups were highly publicized) can be very similar in a lot of things. They have same beliefs, same values, same perspectives. They, however, still differ in other things—but it's all good, assured Coleen. We’re through all our differences. You have to make it work regardless of whatever that other person does, regardless of whatever differences you have."

Admittedly, the pair used to manage conflict poorly, but they have since learned from it all. “We don’t let temper get ahead of us. Whenever we handle our problems, we have to talk openly, transparently, honestly, without being offensive, and without emotions involved,” Coleen explained. Billy could only add, “It’s a process so whenever there are differences or problems involved, it really takes the both of us to talk it out.”

“I’m even more in love with her now that we’re married!” Billy continued. So, how do they keep the romantic spark alive and strong in their marriage? It’s through believing that such a promise entails full commitment in all aspects of life. He stressed, “If you’re not ready to take that step, don’t try to pacify things or think it will work out because you’ll get married or what not—no, it’s definitely not like that. When you’re married, you’re in it for the long run and you have to be whole with yourself, as individuals, and then once you’re okay with your own self, you work better together.”

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Photographs taken from Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia's Instagram accounts




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