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Style Inspo: This Fashion Editor-Turned-Momfluencer Has The Best Tips And Tricks In Styling Your Kid

Style Inspo: This Fashion Editor-Turned-Momfluencer Has The Best Tips And Tricks In Styling Your Kid

Mothers have the toughest jobs in the world, and there are so many things that come along with being a mom. Just ask Bianca Santiago-Reinoso, a former magazine fashion editor, now freelance fashion stylist, producer for Baby Barangay, and a mom of two. But being a busy mom doesn't mean that she has to sacrifice her style, especially her kids' style—after all, she's an expert in fashion!

Find out below how fashion becomes a family affair for Bianca and her bubbly and social media-patok daughter, Liana!

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What are your styling tips for moms who dress up their kids?
"Find out what she wants, what her favorite colors are. Factor in her outfits or how you buy [clothes for them]. What I do, being the stylist in me, I prepare at least 3 outfits. I still pick her clothes kasi kaya I pick her outfits and I make them choose what they want to wear para at least they feel na it’s their choice in the end. So just present everything to them, like they’re your bosses, and let them pick. Another thing, I would recommend to buy clothes a size or two sizes up para they can use it longer, diba? Kasi sometimes kids they grow up fast, so sayang. For more practical approach in shopping for kids, make it at least two sizes bigger na lang. But syempre, try it out on them baka naman super laki,; at least have allowance when you buy clothes.”

How do you "twin" your outfits with your kid? How do you curate the looks?
“For me kasi when I twin with Liana, it’s still has to be our personality. I feel that it can't just be me, so I consider also what she wants to wear. So, by twinning, I think what we can start with is colors. We can play up our colors and make it look similar and almost the same, at least that’s gonna tie it all in. start with the basics and then work form there until magkamukha na kayo.”

Name your favorite fashion moment with Liana.
“My favorite fashion moment with Liana was (my brother) Mari's wedding. ‘Cause she’s been doing her flowergirl gigs, but of course they’re special because Mari and Kate (bride) are special to us and they really thought of asking Liana what dress she wanted to wear. And when I saw it, it’s kinda what I want also for a flower girl. If I were a flower girl, I’d wear that. And when we were dressing up, she loved it. For me, that’s a fashion moment, in a way. And of course, she loved her dress, nag-enjoy sya with the makeup, the whole process of it.”


My baby and I got dolled up for #kategotmarid ???? Thank you @lightshinewhite for making our dresses and accepting mine on such short notice ???? all I had to do was show Koko my peg and there you go!! Separates perfect for an event as special as this one ?? I can wear this beautiful skirt so many ways and the top, if you’re keen on my outfits, I have something similar in black hehe! ????????? ????????? Lucky to have my madsy @johnpagaduan do my face again and THE @georgealiben to give me the perfect ponytail (na mid part with body na hindi mukhang matigas lolol. Ako na ang maraming gusto sa ponytail?? it’s the magazine girl in me, sorry!??). We shot in the field, naharass na lahat but my lewk stayed in place ???? ????????? ????????? #ootdph #weddings #dresses #flowergirl #style #mom #daughter

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How about when she attended the Katy Perry concert? Was it also a fashion moment for you two?
“That Katy Perry fashion moment namin was pretty hectic kasi we had to buy that outfit on that day! She’s my toughest client, by the way. For all my years of styling, Liana is the toughest person to please. But [for] that Katy Perry [concert], I wanted lang something na medyo skirt that she can wear, practical diba? She wanted to go all-out and do a full-on shimmery, silver dress. But super happy kasi Katy Perry went out with a similar silver dress, so kinilig siya. She’s a Katy Kat!"

What's one fashion tip you want to impart to Liana?
"I think for Liana, to invest on the basics and invest well. Lalo na when she grows up and she will eventually love fashion, or she will learn to love fashion, I would want her to buy quality pieces. To think quality over quantity, because, like me, growing up I’ve noticed that the trends come and go, but it’s really good to pick the good ones, the quality ones because it will last a long time. For me now, I have pieces that I can give to her that I look forward to giving it to her eventually and she can use it. And believe it or not, she has pieces that she’s excited about. And another is to just feel comfortable in your own self—know your personality, don’t let others or trends dictate her. Because if she feels good in it, that’s what’s important.”

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