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Fitness Inspo: Nico Bolzico Reveals His Fave Workouts That Led To That Demigod Bod!

Fitness Inspo: Nico Bolzico Reveals His Fave Workouts That Led To That Demigod Bod!

Everyone has his fave fitness tactics. But when Nico Bolzico comes out sexy in his usual shirtless photos, he usually leaves people wondering about his methods of choice. The Argentinian businessman works out really hard and always makes it a priority. “I love endorphins,” he said at the Head and Shoulders’ #KeepACoolHead media launch. “I try to exercise at least five times a week because it keeps me energized and happy.” How did he get to chisel that physique? Here’s what he revealed to us!

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Football. “I love to play football—that’s my favorite cardio workout,” Nico shared. He plays football every Tuesday for two hours with his friends. “It’s really a good workout because you’re having so much fun that you don’t realize that after two hours, you were running like crazy.”


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Pull-ups. This is Nico’s chosen exercise for the biceps as it not only strengthens it but also boosts his stability. He added, “I’m not much of a lifter. Everything I do is usually with my own weight.” To complete this workout, pull your body weight up then back down without the use of other equipment.

Push-ups. For the fitness buff, push-ups are the best for his shoulders. You can do this anywhere—just lie facing the ground with a straight back then place your hands steadily on the floor as you push your body up. Don’t forget to keep a good form throughout the process!

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Ab workouts. “I do different sets for the upper, middle, and lower abs,” said Nico. Focusing on each layer of your abdomen will give you the killer six-pack you’ve been longing to sculpt!

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