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In Focus: Ever Heard Of Chlorophyll Water? Here's Why You Should Make It Your Daily Detox Partner!

In Focus: Ever Heard Of Chlorophyll Water? Here's Why You Should Make It Your Daily Detox Partner!

So, "What in the world is chlorophyll water?” You might be wondering. Well, it isn’t the most popular drink (yet) so the unfamiliarity is completely understandable! But for those that may, at the very least, have a vague idea of what it is, or for those that have probably seen Tony Stark sipping on it in Iron Man 2, it’s basically a green drink derived from plants. To put it rather simply, it’s like leaf juice, or an upgraded type of tea that’s supposed to be really healthy for you!


This drink isn’t completely new in the health scene, though! In fact, a lot of international celebs have already been riding on its supposed health benefits – the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. But this isn’t just all for show. One of its more popular benefits is for detoxification. To leave a little room for technicalities, what happens is, when chlorophyll water is ingested, it binds to procarcinogen chemicals, or toxins that are bound to evolve into carcinogens (cancer cells), and hinders them from being absorbed by the body–basically, a biological bodyguard that keeps unwanted cells from entering our system!

Aside from detoxifying our bodies, chlorophyll is known to be a great source of antioxidants. Not only do these protect our bodies from free radicals that mainly come from stress, but antioxidants also maintain healthy tissues in our body, keeping us looking young. Yes, it has anti-aging properties too! Which is probably why a lot of Hollywood celebrities have been sipping on this green drink. Other known benefits of chlorophyll include red blood cell production, the promotion of normal blood clotting, wound healing, better digestive health, and even deodorizing!

The best part about this is that reaping chlorophyll’s benefits isn’t only restricted to consuming it as a drink, but, could also be done through simply eating vegetables! As chlorophyll is found in all green vegetables - with some of its best sources being spinach, parsley, and watercress, there is all the more incentive to eat your daily greens! But of course, being able to supplement your regular intake of nutrients with chlorophyll water would also help in getting more of its nutritional value. So instead of buying any of those artificially colored energy drinks, you might want to consider swapping it for some naturally produced chlorophyll water instead!

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