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In Focus: Work Out Smart—This Is How And Why Compression Gear Will Up Your Fitness Game!

In Focus: Work Out Smart—This Is How And Why Compression Gear Will Up Your Fitness Game!

The value of health and fitness has been on a steep and continuous incline in the past number of years, and along with this boom, you must have already noticed that, along with it, sportswear has been growing and evolving as well. And not only in being able to offer different designs for the usual active wear, but more so in developing new kinds of clothing that actually helps in improving physical performance! One of which is compression wear. These tight fitting clothes so snug that you’d look like a vacuum packed sausage, supposedly have a lot of benefits for your body when being worn during and even after a work out! 

Compression clothing is made up of a stretchable material that tightly hugs your body in order to add pressure to certain muscle groups. There have been a number of studies on the effects of compression gear and sporting these have been found to be very useful - from improved athletic performance, injury prevention, as well as quick recovery. But to give you a better idea as to how else looking like a super hero could be beneficial, here are some benefits to wearing compression clothing.

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1. Muscle Endurance

Compression gear tends to make your muscles feel less fatigued while working out, due to promoting increased blood circulation, and a slow build up of lactic acid (which causes the burning sensation during workouts), and aids in energy conservation of energy, therefore, enabling you to last longer in your workouts.

2. Highly Breathable Material

Believe it or not, compression wear is actually more breathable compared to other types of clothing. Even if they seem tight and compact, the material allows easier air circulation around your body to keep you cool, especially for training under the heat.

3. Added Comfort

Aside from breathability, they are pretty comfortable too! This is because its fit is designed to act as a second skin, made to perfectly wrap around your body, simulating a seamless transition between skin and clothing. Because of its fit, it, too, causes less chafing as compared to traditional clothing. 

4. Increased Mobility

One of compression wear’s most favored qualities is its elasticity. And it is precisely because of this, that athletes prefer wearing these kinds of clothing, because there is not restriction with movement, and (more importantly) will eliminate most of our fears of ripping our clothes during a stretch!

5. Accelerated Recovery

Muscle soreness is a given party-favor after every workout. But despite its inescapability, wearing compression wear after a workout actually aids in muscle recovery, shortening the recovery time. This is because of the increase in blood flow.

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