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Cheat Sheet: Let These Fierce, Always-Positive Celebs Show You How To Handle The Haters!

Cheat Sheet: Let These Fierce, Always-Positive Celebs Show You How To Handle The Haters!

Social media has a myriad of pros, but along came a sea of trolls. It has provided its users the ability to freely express themselves, share their (usually epically hilarious) experiences and relatable thoughts to the world, and connect with a lot of people through a network that binds us all. But all of these privileges came with a price—a legion of bashers that uses its freedom of social media speech to strike down its victim’s self-esteem and confidence.

Fortunately, dauntless netizens—including celebrities who have had to deal with such scrutiny from the public eye on a daily basis—have stepped forward to address the uncontrollably blatant bashing on social media. Celebrities and OPPO ambassadors Sanya Lopez, Janine Gutierrez, Robi Domingo, and Janella Salvador, most especially, shared their personal experiences with handling negatrolls below. Each of these popular personalities learned from the constructive comments that they have received, and the toxic comments—blocked! And with the help of the people who supported them throughout their journey, they faced their bashers with a better, more enlightened outlook!

For one, actress Sanya Lopez shared her struggles while playing one of the lead roles in a drama fantasy series. Although it was where she rose to fame, the road leading to it turned rocky because of her newbie status. She had to prove that she was as just as good as her fellow actors; and the way she addressed her critics is truly worthy of praise.


There was a time during Encantadia days when I received comments that “Sanya is just a newbie and she has no right to be in the level of the other leads”. Na baka masapawan lang ako sa acting at di ko mapantayan ang pagganap ni ate Diana Zubiri as danaya nung past encantadia. Masakit din po syempre para sakin. I feel sad about it lalo na pinaghirapan ko talaga na makuha yung role ni Danaya. But later on I took it constructively. Pinakinggan ko pa rin ang mga comments,baka may point nga sila. Which I realize tama naman po sila, I haven’t proven anything yet. Pero pinag butihan ko nalang sa lahat ng ginagawa ko. Importante naman po wala kang inaapakan at inaagrabyadong tao. :) My manager, all my supporters SanyaWarriors helped me and inspires me. My manager gave me advice on how to handle bashers. Yung mga sumusuporta sakin, sila yung nasasaktan para sakin, pero sinasabi ko nalang na hayaan nalang natin sila. And most of all I’m always thankful that I have my family who always love me and believe in me. ?? #OPPOF7 #CaptureTheRealYou

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Meanwhile, for someone who was born into a known showbiz clan with their fair share of controversy, Janine Gutierrez entered the industry knowing very well not to believe everything other people say. This, especially when their goal is to bring her down. Although it’s tough being victimized, she knows better than to let haters get the best of her.  


I grew up around showbiz and when my parents separated when I was 13, I saw how there were many articles claiming things about the situation that weren't true. I was always taught not to mind it because my family knew the truth and we had nothing but love and trust for each other. That's all that mattered. That's why, I always knew not to believe everything I read, or heard, especially the hurtful things people would say about other people. So I kept saying to mom, I think I would be able to handle it if ever it happened to me. The thing is, it happens to everyone - no matter what your job is or how old you are or where you're from - and it can still sting. Of course, when you're on the receiving end of hurtful words, the first thing you want is to explain yourself when people call you names or label you or talk as if they know you and your situation so well when they have no idea and they've never even met you. It can get overwhelming, but I've realized it doesn't and shouldn't matter. What matters is that you're surrounded by people who love you and know who you really are. And that's enough ?? #CaptureTheRealYou #OPPOF7

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Through an uplifting message from TV personality Robi Domingo, he upholds his stance: Be generally positive and conquer every single day with a good attitude. And though sometimes things don’t go the way you planned them, what you can do is control how you face them—let the experience make you stronger!

Last but not the least, singer-actress Janella Salvador reminds everyone to not let the bashers bring you down, because they’re simply not worth it. Lift yourself up through faith, no matter the hardship!


As an artist, i’m often asked about my take on bashing and bullying on social media. You know what I say? I say... why would I even waste my time listening to criticisms from people who can’t even do any better? Why would I waste my time listening to people who have never been in my shoes? Why would I listen to people who spend all their time on social media making and hiding behind fake accounts, ranting about the success or failure of a certain person, when they obviously aren’t very successful themselves? People can only say so much but I know who I am and what i’ve been through. I know my true imperfections. They don’t know my story, why things turned out the way they are and why i’m here. There is only one person who knows every single thing about me and my life– and that is God. And because of that, no weapon formed against me shall prosper. The same goes for all of you... keep that in mind when you feel like the world is against you. You have yourself and you have someone up there who loves you more than anyone can. That’s more than enough. #OPPOF7

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