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ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks: These Social Media Hotties Dish On Receiving Indecent Proposals Online!

ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks: These Social Media Hotties Dish On Receiving Indecent Proposals Online!

While we rely on social media to learn about new things, and connect with and meet people, it has also changed the way we communicate. And, sometimes, not in a good way. There's never a day that you see inappropriate content or comments on your feed or, worse, your inbox! Because it's so easy to pretend to be someone else online (but some are too brave), people are more upfront and aggressive—and unfortunately, not only women get these types of messages.

Our #ABSCBNLifestyleHotshots—gorgeous as they are—are not new to this, and here, they share some of their funny borderline creepy experiences!

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What's the most upfront and suggestive statement someone has told you on IG/FB?

Gerick Manalo: "Well right now kasi, I have a running online cooking show, and it's kinda sexy. My management filters the comments. But the title of the show kasi is "Quickie with Chef G." So 'quickie,' double meaning siya, diba? "Chef, quickie tayo" mga ganun!"

James Lee: “Well, she’s a friend and I know that she’s joking. I used to work with her at PGH, she usually says,'Kailan mo ba ako a-anakan?' I just laugh. I know her and we’re friends and I know that she’s really upfront and she’s funny. I don’t really take it seriously. I mean, everybody knows, atleast my friends know, that she’s like that.”

Miguel Aytona: “I have a lot of people slide into my DMs, and it's really bad, like, "Ang sarap niyo po," mga ganun. Tas mga emoji na dila, alam mo 'yun?”

Jappy Agoncillo: "I guess I get a lot of comments that are not really negative, like the're borderline sexual harassment type of things. I guess something like that. Like, 'I want you,' or 'Do me.' Something weird."

DJ Perez: “R-18? (Laughs) I think someone DM-ed me asking if I was interested in sex, asking if I found her hot or sexy. She sent me DMs of her boobs. It was blurred and all. I took a screenshot and sent it to my friends because I found it funny.”

Justin Quirino: "Well, recently, this is just an example. Lloyd Cadena, famous Filipino Youtuber, he's brilliant in Twitter. He made this meme about being on a jeepney, and about sitting near the door of the jeepney, and waiting for someone to sit beside him muna before he hands on the pambayad. 'Bayad po!' So I retweeted it and was like, 'Hahahahahaa.' And then, someone tweeted back. Sabi niya, "Relate ka ba? Eh, may kotse ka." I was like, 'K.' I wanted to say, "Porket may kotse, hindi nag-dyi-jeep?" But, yeah, laughed at it na lang."

Martin Reyes: “There was this one time that they wanted to see my feet more (Laughs). They were asking is there a better angle of my feet.”

Mauro Daez: “Just probably over the weekend, my friends said 'Wow, Mauro you're wearing a shirt!' guess I should post less topless pictures.”

Javi Cang: “Oh, man. A lot maybe... it would probably have to be this phrase in Filipino so I might not say it well but it's, ‘Paliguan kita, baby boy.’ (Laughs) Which basically means, ‘I'll bathe you.’ I was like, ‘Woah!’ And I also got a lot of questions like, ‘Are you a virgin?’”

Chris Lopez: “I don’t keep track. It’s not something I commit to. I just kinda laugh about it and when it happens and forget about it. One thing that was funny when I was playing a show in Dubai, a girl came up and gave me a kiss on stage. I don’t remember anything online.”

Bryan Benedict: “Narcissistic daw ako. Hindi, pero, I use my Instagram account to promote myself rin, ‘di ba, as an actor. I also promote myself through selfies, ayon. Siyempre, siguro, hindi man sa pagmamayabang, mas marami yung mas may gusto ng selfie instead of you posting pictures of somebody [else], or doing these kind of stuff. Minsan napapansin ko kasi pag nag-u-upload ako. Pero mini-minimize ko na magbasa ng comments tsaka mag-selfie.” 

Martin Javier: “Siguro yung pinaka ano na yung mga hindi mo masyado ka-close tapos babasagin yung trip mo. Like, let's say you post or you posted a view with you in it. (This is from my) personal experience. And then parang they commented something not nice—of course, not complimenting it. Basta babasagin yung trip mo, "Ang corny naman." So I think, dun lang ako naiirita especially pag—okay lang yung ka-close ko, super friends ko, kasi I understand they're joking. But people you don't actually interact with every day, that's gonna be questionable.”

Arthur Tselishchev: “I get indecent proposals a lot. Well first of all, social media is very powerful and if you’re seen, if you’re doing this kind of job or like in showbiz or fashion, you get all these kinds of messages and offers. I don’t really mind anything like that because I take my job very seriously and we always have to be careful. The most inappropriate would be asking on a date or escort. I hate when people mistake models or people from showbiz as escorts. That’s the most awful thing. It’s disrespectful. So when I see something like that, I just cut it and ignore. I don’t even take a look at it.” 

LA Aguinaldo: “A lot of people wanna have my babies. So, yeah, that’s it.”

Jay Avellana: “Something between the lines of like ‘Such a hot tito!’”

Fred Lo: "Somebody asked for a naked photo of me, which I don’t do, so please don’t send me those kinds of requests."

Don Coates: "There was a girl sending me DM’s who would constantly like my photos but became really aggressive recently, threatening me that she would make many accounts and spam me."

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How about the funniest comment?
Gerick Manalo: "Mas masarap ka pa kaysa sa pagkaing niluto mo." (Laughs)

James Lee: “Probably the same? I find it funny that some people would find it funny to message you about those things. I just ignore. I think it takes a certain kind of maturity for people to learn how to ignore the things that don’t really matter. I’m not saying that I’m mature but you know, I’m starting to learn that sometimes it’s better to just keep quiet and turn the other way and just stop it there. And most of the time it just stops there if you don’t encourage or entertain.”

Miguel Aytona: “One time, sa comments section, patuloy-tuloy na iba't ibang pictures and they just kept commenting, ‘Accept niyo naman po ako,’ mga ganu'n.”

Jappy Agoncillo: "I think the funniest—it was also rude—but also really funny. I think I was painting somewhere, and then I posted a video of it. One person commented, ''Di ko gets yung art, pero at least pogi yung (artist).' Thanks!"

DJ Perez: “I do a lot of stuff so I have a personal secretary; so there are people asking if they can be my secretary for free.” 

Justin Quirino: "Siguro, 'Akala ako si Aga Mulach.' *laughs* Yeah, I get that, specially I host a concert or something. I get a tweet, "Akala ko nga, from afar, yung host si Aga Mulach."

Mostafa Elezali: “Some girl told me: ‘you don’t deserve your title 'cause you don’t really look like a man.’”

Javi Cang: “Probably the funniest message that I always get is, 'Where is this,' because usually I take photos of nice places. It's not funny but I just find it funny, because it's usually the most common thing I get. And it's on good grounds, I guess, because most of the time it's either I just find spaces randomly, or whatever.” 

Bryan Benedict: “May mga nagco-comment kasi na pag i-post na mga nakatalikod ako, nagpo-post sila ng, 'booty, booty, booty,' yan, 'sexy back.' Ganon.”

Martin Javier: “I think, for me, funny—let's say you post a summer picture, and then they post something like "sarap" and then yung nakadila. Pag summer lang naman. Yun, natatawa 'ko don, pero, you know, I take it as a compliment, I guess. Pero nakakatawa lang.” 

Arthur Tselishchev: “I just remember the latest one, when I posted a picture of when I was holding the taho because I love taho and someone was asking me to deliver it to their home.” 

Fred Lo: "So I usually don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know on my Facebook, and so sometimes I delete friend requests. There was this one person who messaged me, ‘Pa-delete-delete ka pa, di ka naman cute. Average looking ka lang.’"

Don Coates: "That would be someone who commented on my photo and DM’d me this, ‘Hey Don, can I lick your armpits?'"

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How do you deal with these kinds of comments?

Gerick Manalo: "It's really flattering. And it's part of it eh, since the show is on the sexy side. It will automatically have these kind of comments. So I'm really prepared for it. 'Wag lang siguro yung below the belt, like super rude."

James Lee: “I just ignore it. It’s the same thing. You ignore those kind of things especially if you don’t know them.” 

Miguel Aytona: “I don't really mind them. I don't reply. Even with my friends nga, sometimes they comment on my Instagram, I don't reply. Especially, in one picture ang daming reply. It takes too much time to reply on every single one of them. Edi 'wag ka na lang mag-reply sa lahat.”

Jappy Agoncillo: "The weird ones, I ignore. I just laugh about it, but ignore them, because don't bother them na. With comments like the girl who said my art sucks, I just laugh and say 'thank you' or something. Because with my line of work, it's important to engage with the audience, also."

DJ Perez: “In some way, that’s flattery of course but I try to respond, well sometimes I don’t respond like the boobs girl, but with others I just click the heart. That’s how I reply, being nice.”

Justin Quirino: "I think you really have to reflect first. I don't think that you should just go on and say everything that's on your mind in social media. I think you really have to be more purposeful with your words online. Is it part of my brand? Will it help my brand to reply? Would it help my charcater building if I don't reply? Stuff like that. What are your own operating guidelines for social media? If this action falls under that, then go ahead. If not, then don't."

Martin Reyes: “I was like, "What the f***?" And then I just deleted the comment cause it's really just awkward.” 

Mostafa Elezali: “When I see people hating for no reason, I’m actually glad 'cause I know I’m doing good. I transform their negative energy to positive energy. I actually like it.”

Javi Cang: “Most of the time I just ignore [the suggestive statements], especially if it crosses the line. Because I like to describe my social media presence as more 'not about me,' but more about the places that I see, and more about the inspiration I get from the outdoors. Typically, if I get comments that are too centered on me, and whatever, I usually ignore it."

Bryan Benedict: “Siguro it depends pag kakilala ko. Pero pag mostly pag hindi ko kakilala, hindi ako nagre-react. Kasi if you react to one, parang unfair sa lahat kung di ka magre-react. Kaya I don’t react na lang. Siguro place “heart”—‘di ba sa Instagram may “heart” nandun sa comment.”

Martin Javier: “I just laugh it off.”

LA Aguinaldo: “You know what, at the end of the day, they’re just trying to say “hi” to you, so I just say “hi” back, send them a “heart,” send them the love. 'Cause you just wanna love the people who love you, and wanna support the people who support you, and wanna take care of the people to take care of you.”

Jay Avellana: “I just laugh at it.”

Fred Lo: "I just laugh it off 'cause it’s really funny. Not that I’m not really into my looks, but I don’t really mind if I look silly or funny so I don’t care when people throw shade at me for how I look."

Don Coates: "I usually just ignore it and sweep it under the rug."

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