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Cheat Sheet: No Time For A Vacay? These Effective Stress-Busters Work Just As Well!

Cheat Sheet: No Time For A Vacay? These Effective Stress-Busters Work Just As Well!

Heavy traffic, work overload, social media negatrolls, heartbreaking society issues—staying sane amidst this craziness is real tough these days. Going out of town to enjoy peace and quiet would help ease the stress. But it’s not always an option, especially when you’re an employee running low on vacation leaves. But of course, there are other ways to stay away from the hassle. Here are no-fail ways to cool down when you’ve had enough with the bad vibes.

Listen to chill playlists. Music soothes the soul. Find your jam, curate a playlist, and let it do its magic when you’re feeling trapped in the toxic daily grind.

Binge-watch at home. Why lose sleep from overthinking when you can do so by going on a "marathon?" Catch up on your fave shows to distract yourself from gloomy thoughts!

Hit the party. Invite your besties to a fun night out. But if loud, booze-filled parties aren’t your thing, bonding with your barkada at home would suffice—so long as you could drown all the sorrow by having a good time.

Sweat your stress out. Exercise doesn’t only keep you fit—studies also show that it produces endorphins, our body’s feel-good hormones that alleviate stress. So go ahead and lose those fats and BV, girl.

Go online shopping. Retail therapy? Oh, yes, please! And since going to the mall could also be challenging (hello, rush hour and payday sale weekends!), just go online shopping. Make sure you won’t go over budget, though. Getting broke is another kind of stress you don’t need.

Chew on your fave snack. Happy tummy, happy life, right? Indulge in your favorite comfort food. Or keep your cool with a nice, cold drink like Mogu Mogu.

This tummy-filling ‘snack drink’ has been around locally for 10 years. The formula to its healthy goodness has pretty been perfected over that period: Mogu Mogu’s chewable nata de coco bits and the mouthwatering juice flavors (lychee, coconut, strawberry, grape, melon, and more!) altogether delighting our senses. Need to break away from ~everything~? Just #ChewTheMoguMogu to recharge your batteries!

To learn more, follow the hashtags #ChewTheMoguMogu, #TheOriginalChew, and #CHEWneration. You may also follow Mogu Mogu’s official Facebook account for more information!

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