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In Focus: Lessons We Learned From 'Noona' Love Stories

In Focus: Lessons We Learned From 'Noona' Love Stories



Noona romances are those trendy Korean dramas about younger men falling in love with women older than them. These shows may possibly make some viewers uncomfortable at some point but to tell you the truth, it’s undeniably a new feel-good genre for any K-drama fan!

Forget the fear of commitment–Noona love stories pass tons of affirming love lessons on why couples like these will work out as fine as of other setups, and could save you from relationship suffering and traumas. Our list might not entirely change your opinions but can serve as a stepping-stone to opening up your heart to an affair of this kind. 

1. Don't listen to other people's opinion about your relationship.

Dating in this arrangement will draw flak from public spectators whatever you do. But don’t let society tell you what kind of love is acceptable or not. Keeping your relationship alive is one thing to worry enough so leave behind the uncertainties of dating in people’s standard ways of dating before it blow your love story down. Take it from Temperature of Love's Lee Hyun Soo who bravely threw the dice of love that comes with doubt in favor of reaping a happy ever after with On Jeung Son!

2. Just let it happen.

Now that you know that other people's opinions shouldn't matter, it's time to let the chips fall where they may. Don't resist love from happening. It's much the same with couple Yoon Jin Ah and Seo Joon Hee of Something About Rain who prove that there's no reason to hesitate when love presents itself in front of you. It’s either we let it happen or we don’t. But we suggest that you don't fuss over it, and just jump right in!

3. No relationship is perfect.

It’s worth taking the time to reevaluate your expectations, and make sure you're in touch with the reality of your relationship. For older women who hold high expectations, remember that younger boys don't guarantee that all of those will be met, and vice versa. Just take cues from how Kim Sam Soon loves Hyun Jin Heon in the 2005 drama My Name Is Kim Sam Soon–without measure and with willingness to take on the many challenges thrown their way. The trick is to grow together and appreciate what each of you have to offer.

4. Be in it for the long haul.

With considerably more experiences than the men they’re with, noonas have met bumps along the way and have learned enough. Now, most of them want a relationship that’s nothing but genuine and lasting–no games, less drama, just up-front feelings. The Producer's Tak Ye Jin knew exactly what she wants, making her fearlessly take risks in order to get it. Her strong personality surely made her junior Baek Seung Chan aspire for more!

No relationship is easy; each one has unique struggles you need to overcome to survive and thrive together. So if you find yourself caught up in a noona love story, don’t hesitate, enjoy, and make sure you become better versions of yourselves because of it!

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